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  • May 12, 2014

In February I purchased a product from that was a 3 month supply. While checking out I noticed an option to set up auto renewals every month. I declined this option because really who needs a 3 month supply of anything sent again the next month.

Right from the start I should have thought something was up as I didn't receive a confirmation email. I checked my spam folder and nothing. After a day I emailed customer service as my bank showed the funds deducted but still no confirmation. Customer service assured me the order is placed and was shipping out but would not provide me with a confirmation of the purchase other than their assurance.

I eventually did receive the product the following week so I went about things. Unfortunately a month later I received an email from Dermstore saying that my order had shipped. Of course I was thinking ""what order?"" I checked my bank account and I was again charged. I contacted customer service and they told me that this was for my auto renewal, remember the one I spoted and definitely declined? They agreed to cancel the renewal service, though at no point admitting that they did this in error.

Then they informed me that there were two options for return of the product, since it already shipped. First was that they would give me a return shipping label and they would provide me with store credit. The second was that I could pay for the return myself and they would refund me to my original form of payment.

This of course didn't make sense to me as I was not the one that ordered the product nor signed up for the renewal service. They refused to provide a return slip and original form refund referencing policy. I brought up again that I didn't order the product and that the policy is in place for those that actually make purchases. Again they refused to acknowledge that they signed me up for a renewal service that I declined.

Eventually they said to just mark the package ""refused, return to sender"" and the postman would return it. Once returned they would give me a refund. Well the postman refused to take the refused package. I again asked for a return slip and refund. This is where Dermstore contact dropped off.

I contacted my bank to start a dispute and threw the package away in a dumpster, video documenting it just in case I need to show that I didn't keep it.

I certainly will never buy from them again as it seems they slyly try to sign people up for auto renewals. Even if you catch it and decline it, in my case, they still sign you up. Then they refuse to admit guilt and make things right.

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