Destination Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Northshore Vancouver

Country Canada
City North Vancouver, British Columbia
Address 1600 Marine Dr
Phone 604-980-8501

Destination Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Northshore Vancouver Reviews

  • Jul 25, 2015

As a business owner I always keep in mind that we can not deceive our customers knowing that the truth will come out one day and it will hurt and impact our business in many ways such negative referral and negative promotional impact, yet some companies are still living in the past with their old shady attitude and this is how they run their business to stay in business.

They think they can treat their customers poorly without any consequence and no one can do anything because they are in charge, well yes, but to a certain degree, that is why you need to make sure you keep your business reputation and not to destroy all bridges behind you specially when having so much competition out there where your customers can turn to them even though you might have gone beyond and above your power to provide a good service to attract them but there is always a company with better selling key which is customer satisfaction.

I brought my car to “Destination Chrysler “ in North Vancouver BC cause it was making a clunking noise from the engine area when changing the gearshift so I wanted to have it fixed and they told me they would call me when it was ready. After a few hours they call me and said the car is ready to pick up. So I went there and they said that they did find some wiring shortage that might be causing some electrical issue for the car odometer lights etc and couldn’t find any clunking noise that I brought my car in for in the first place. So I insisted if they thoroughly checked it because it is very obvious and clear .So she told me that she will ask them to check it again. So after waiting about 15-30 minutes she came back, yes they found what was causing the noise “ she said” so which will cost around $$$$ . Well I was so shocked that why they didn’t find the issue in first place and why they had my car since morning for 6 hours. I asked if they are able to fix it today they said no you should come back later and I have to pay $200 for the diagnostic on top of the cost of the parts and labors. It seems very shady since the $200 bill was printed at noon time when they found no issue with the car and I was about to take my car away in very unsafe condition putting my family in dangerous situation .It was worst experience in dealing with this company at “ Destination Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep in North Vancouver” and I hope you as customer or business owners take this in to consideration and don’t put your family and love one in a danger and do your research before dealing with this type of businesses.

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