Deuce Winchester

Country United States
City Osage, Oklahoma
Address 97 Beautiful Water
Phone 918-813-4020

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  • Jan 24, 2015

I hired Deuce Winchester to remodel my pool and paid him a deposit and he gave me a written contract. He deposited the check and gave me a ton of excuses why he could not come work on the job. After a long time, he told me he would refund my money. He then told me he mailed me money orders that I never saw and then told me he would bring me money or Western Union it to me but never did anything. He kept dragging this out and now is no longer contacting me. He told me he lives in Osage, Oklahoma but I did some research online and he seems to live or used to live in Blanchard, Oklahoma. Do not hire this guy. I am still attempting to get my money back.

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