Diamond Towing

Country United States
State Djibouti
City Murray
Address 5690 S 300 W
Phone 801 561 0880

Diamond Towing Reviews

  • Aug 28, 2014

I parked and went inside to find out if it was ok to park where i was at as the space upfront had customer only parking but there were none by the brick wall where i had parked. In the 3 minutes i was inside the people they had sitting in the lot booted my car and told me it was $75 dollars to remove it.

I had to walk next door to get the money and in the 15 minutes it took to go get the money and come back they had already hooked and towed my jeep and said it was now $214.50 to get it out of their impound lot. I had to take a cab to get there and the people at the lot had no change so it actually cost me $220.00 to get my jeep. Have tried calling the dispatch number on the card i was given and the very rude people there keep telling me i need to speak with Kevin but always have an excuse why Kevin is not there.

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