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  • Dec 8, 2015

Save your money BEWARE Diane Canfield

This woman, Diane Canfield is a piece of work. Not only does she utterly lack psychic ability, her ego is completely out of check. She is unkind, belittling, and dis-empowering ....in other words everything a higher vibration being is NOT. She is highly arrogant and claims to be an expert in everything. Her psychic information is nothing more than her opinion about information gleaned from you during conversation. Her psychic information was completely false.

Her Classes are a waste of money. These 'classes' are little 5 minute videos of useless basic information she likely learned from other FREE Youtube videos from those that actually know about such topics. She gives no actual framework for giving a reading as her class advertises. The instruction is essentially, "Go do it".

She cannot give a detailed description of her encounters with Star Beings. I honestly believe she has grabbed onto the Ascension Guru persona and Contactee persona to drum up more business for herself. I have never been so disheartened to see someone claiming enlightenment while watching them behave so poorly. If you begin to see through her facade or question her, that's when you see her true colors. She is just plain classless and uncouth. She stated to me that 'someone who has good intuition is like a kindergartner as a psychic'. A spiritual teacher MUST have control of their ego. If they do not, the integrity of their information spirals downward and they risk moving into delusion and self aggrandizement. Enter Diane Canfield into just such a predicament.

The laughable part about it is that she claims to have healed herself from all of her 'issues'. I think she needs to go back to the drawing board. Don't walk away from this woman...RUN as she wants to drag others into the mud with her. There are many more knowledgeable, compassionate, and KIND psychics out there with TRUE ability. Youtube contains FREE, ACCURATE, and VALUABLE information on opening your third eye than her 'classes'.

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  • Oct 31, 2014

Diane Canfield recruits new clients through Facebook. By becoming friends with a client or potential client on Facebook, she gains access to the clients profile information, wall posts, and friends and family.

She requires the client to submit a photo of anyone they have a question about. This is so she can look up information about them on Facebook.

There is usually a 2 week wait for a reading and she requires any questions to be submitted early. This gives her plenty of time to research the client.

The information she gives in a reading comes from what she is able to find through looking at the client's Facebook activity and looking at photos.

She uses cold reading techniques and fishing to get the client to offer more information to her during the reading.

She is constantly advertising herself on Facebook to get new clients. She posts her blog posts in various metaphysical groups on Facebook to get people to look at her website. She friends people that she meets through these groups.

She has two profiles on Facebook. One is Diane Canfield, and the other is Psychic Clairvoyant Diane.

Real psychics do not go around promoting themselves this way. Be careful if you see this woman on Facebook, and warn your friends not to accept any friend requests from her either.

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  • Dec 18, 2015

Diane Canfield FRAUD psychic contactee

I also had a bad experience with this woman. She absolutely thought she KNEW IT ALL and was very critical of others. She felt other 'experts' were inferior since she was psychic. Interestingly, I found her to be wrong more often than not. Then she became combative. I didn't find a lot of value in my dealing with her. The information was very basic and I felt I had wasted my money on a fraud. She found a way to make it all about her. I heard more stories about her life than I ever cared to hear.

Save your money...her 'love and light' is a bunch of hogwash to get into your pocketbook. It's a shame. She is not a kind-hearted person nor is she authentic in any way.

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  • Dec 12, 2015

Diane Canfield fraud

I also had a bad experience with this person. I found her to be inaccurate. When I said the information she gave me was not correct, she became mean and combative.

I told her of done of my experiences and she quickly stated, 'oh I've had those too' as if we were in competition. She seemed to want to one up me when I was just looking for her input about my experiences. She continually turns the conversation back to herself.

She appears to have jumped on the love and light rain to gain business but lacks knowledge and ability which quickly becomes obvious once you speak with her.

She needs some lessons in manners and really should not be charging anyone as she lacks expertise.

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  • Jan 6, 2021

Horrible experience

I found this person to be rude, arrogant, insecure and incorrect. Someone that lacks empathy and doesn’t belong in spiritual world. The moment I didn’t agree with something she said, she went batshit crazy on me. She became rude, condescending and actually tried to use the stuff I mentioned in our session against me. Extremely unprofessional.

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