Country United States
State Denmark
City Dallas
Address 1910 Pacific Ave., Suite 6065
Phone 855-332-4341
Website digixtel.com/

Digixtel.com Reviews

  • Nov 3, 2014

Digixtel is run by a fraud by the name of Anthony Bernard Gulley. They hired my firm to provide their website with some customization services, SSL certificate issues, and a few other items totaling $1,000. They paid the initial invoice of $800 and then filed for a chargeback with their credit card company. They will not respond to any communication and do not appear to be willing to resolve the issue. I've spent an hour speaking to our merchant services representative only to find out that it will take up to 80 days to resolve the dispute.

Funny thing is that it only took me about 5 minutes using Google to find out that former attorney, Anthony Bernard Gulley of Dallas, Texas is a fraud. He has been disbarred by the state of Texas at least twice and in one case he cheated one of his clients out of over $80,000. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ANTHONY BERNARD GULLEY....SEE THE LINK BELOW

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