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  • May 6, 2014

Had an issue with my HD signal, called and spoke with a nice technician trying to troubleshoot it, we could not figure it out so she said I needed a service call and would be charged. I declined the serivce call, and she told me if I got the protection plan that I could avoid the one time charge, and I declined that as well. She then told me she would schedule me a FREE service call as well as give me a $10 credit for 6 months to make up for my lack of signal. I even confirmed 2 or 3 times that the service call was to be FREE. I was satisfied at this point, and the tech who came to the house was great. The direction of the dish needed to be adjusted. I looked at my bill today and saw a $49.95 charge on it for the service call, I figured all I would need to do was call. NOPE. I spent 2 hours on the phone and was transferred around to different people who told me they could not do anything because there was nothing noted on my account about the free service call. I asked to speak to a supervisor or manager and they HUNG UP ON ME. I was being calm and trying to discuss the situation, I am a professional individual, and could dispute this with my creditcard company but I am worried it would turn into a collection and affect credit rating, simply not worth it for $50. I am a good customer and was truly horrified by thier treatment of me in this situation. I am going to escalate this in anyway I can, I have filed complaints with the local and national BBB, and will attempt to get the ear of someone with authority.


Garner, North Carolina


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