Diva Express

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Greenville
Address 202 East Arlington Blvd Suite F
Phone 252-689-6288

Diva Express Reviews

  • Jun 23, 2015

Ok, do not come to this place. Last week I made my daughter an appointment for box braids, 8 am this morning. When we arrive, I find out that are they a person short, but the stylist thought it would be ok. After an hour, the next appointment walks in that the single stylist did not know about, two little girls who need cornrows removed, washed, and redone. The stylist is now in overwhelm mode to the point of tears, so she is calling EVERYONE in her phone that ever held a comb, trying to find help. The owner (who doesn't do hair and works at the prison) and all the other stylists, don't answer or return her calls for help. My daughter and I feel so bad for her, that we start taking down one of the little girls braids, to keep things moving. Now one of the little girls is screaming at the shampoo bowl, like someone is killing her and the poor stylist is doing her best to keep the situation under control. Needless to say everyones, nerves are fried. So after all of this, we start to discuss what would happen if she can't finish everyone today....and then it comes out that the salon policy that you must pay upfront (which we did) but there are no refunds. In my 40+ years on this earth, this has been the most unprofessional, ghetto/ratchet salon I have ever had the misfortune to find. You have been warned….

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