Duke Energy

Country United States
State China
City Charlotte
Address 9700 David Taylor Dr.

Duke Energy Reviews

  • Jul 31, 2014

This company is overcharging and their customer representative claims they do ACTUAL meter readings. Well, they DO NOT!!!

Duke Energy please find a decent , educated person to handle your business because ghetto customer service is not what this coutnry is about.

My meter is in the garage and you have to come thru my front door, then thru my house to get to the meter. Well, this customer service representative CLAIMS they do ACTUAL meter readings by going from house to house. I told her that is not correct. She started to get annoyed because I got her cornered. My meter is in my garage not outside.

Ever since I moved in here, December that is , not once someone from Duke Energy came to read the meter.

So I got almost the same bill for the two months in a row... now, you tell me how is that possible when I had only AC run in my office that is about 500 sf - if that.... coffee pot. This is commercial property and just to cool off 500 sf and have a cup of coffee they send the bill of $286.... That's amazing....

For the previous month it was about the same the difference was I had other AC on as well plus 2 fridges on...

So I spend less but get charged almost the same??? Guess I'm retarded now.

From December to May it was only $75 PLUS I had a fridge here too.

Guesstimation is not accepted Duke Energy. Estimation is your actual reading. This is FRAUD and should be reported.

They chose the wrong person to mess with.

  • Jul 26, 2014

Extremely dishonest utility company. Duke Energy of Indiana has been overcharging me for almost 4 years due to an "issue" with their electric meter. I have made repeated calls and sent letters to Duke during this time to inform them my electric usage was far lower than they were billing me but they did nothing. I finally filed a complaint with the IURC. Duke denied I ever contacted them to the IURC. Fortunately my last three letters were mailed certified mail so I could prove Duke was lying. IURC got Duke to send out a technician. He replaced my meter and removed the Duke box to cycle electric on and off during peak usage. My bills seem normal now but they only credited me for one month of over charge.

Duke says it is their "policy" to only issues refunds for the last billing cycle. This overcharging all started when Duke installed a box to cycle usage during peak periods. The technician said the electronic meters and that box don't play nice together. Don't agree to let them install the box if you have an electronic meter. Duke is horrible.

  • May 5, 2014

I sent 3 form to them about ssi rate . two where lost by them. the last one sent certified they got because they had to sign.but now they said i not disabled .i been declared disabled by the gov. but duke said i am not disabled . humm i get a disabilty check every months .

At every turn duke empolyee try to keep you from apply when you call about it . spent half the day today on the phone today over this with them . tring to find out why they think i am not disabled.

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