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DURHAM Analytics Reviews

  • Nov 27, 2014

I reached out to Durham Analytics due to my need of some software I was in need of for my company. When I contacted Brian Durham I asked to meet him to discuss my needs rather than try to explain to everything to him over the phone prior to me handing him the insane amount of money that he asked for. He told me he was new to his business, but has been doing it for years. (he worked at a different company, stole/swindled clients to start his own) I told him how urgent I needed this software and he assured me that he can have it done in no time.

We met up at the Starbucks across the street from south point mall where he talked a big game. He swindled me into giving him a large amount of money before he started his work. I was very clear in my expection of what I needed done, and he assured me that It would be completed to my satisfaction. [continued below]....

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