Duty Free Depot Cigarettes

Country Cyprus
City Nicosia
Address 1 Katalanou Street, 1st floor, office/flat 101, 2121 Aglantzia
Website http://www.dutyfreedepot.com/

Duty Free Depot Cigarettes Reviews

  • Apr 25, 2015

Sent for 400 cigerettes that were seized by customs because this company packaged them in bulk not seperate After ordering anothe 7 cartons these never arrived there after service is terrible.And they are nothing but robbers theives.I would of been better just giving them my money without there lies.it would of been less hasssle.They dont reply or care about you there customers and are no better than bank robbers and car jackers.Theift is theift Avoid these scammers

  • Apr 7, 2015

It's been two months now and I am still missing 4 cartons of cigerettes. My first time ordering 6 cartons of cigarettes from them arrived two weeks after ordering. Then they sent me a promotion by email offering two free cartons when you order ten cartons. So I ordered three different brands that came to 10 cartons. The first shipment came with 3 cartons of the same brand and another package with only one carton of another brand. During this time I received another promotion saving me about $4.00 dollars a carton. So I ordered another 4 cartons of two different brands. I waited another few weeks still waithing for the rest of my first order. Called their telephone number and only a recording would ansewer. So I sent an email and they told me to track my order with USPS. Few days later I did receive a shipment but it was still missing 2 cartons plus the 2 extra carton of the special. I emailed them telling them that I was missing 4 cartons, two that I ordered and the promotion of 2 extra cartons. They told me that order did not have a promotion of two extra cartons. I was mad about it but decided to just be happey with the order I had gave them. Then later I received two cartons of the $4.00 off special and only 4 cartons from the 10 carton special. So many emails going back and forth and you can see they are clearly lying. So it's now 2 months later and I still haven't received two cartons from the 1st promotion and 2 cartons of the second promotion. They only deny and deny any questions you ask, they play mind games and twist everything I say and then twist the meanings from what they say. I am done with them. Done!! If I include the promise of ordering 10 cartons and get 2 cartons free, I am actually missing 6 cartons. Done!!

  • Mar 18, 2015

I ordered $1000 worth of goods from duty free depot they told me that it was would take up to twenty one days , for my order to be processed and delivered , they then contacted me and asked that I provide with a copy of my bank statement so that they could verify that the order was legit again i complied with this , and afterward promptly transfered my money to a different account. They then said that they had posted part of my order. After the twenty one days had come and gone with no order , I contacted them about the status because I could not find any record of shipping with the packing numbers they gave me , they said that this is because there is no cooperation between them and Australia post , I said bull s**t , then why use them , twenty four hours late they came back accusing me of using a stolen a credit card and that they would inform the authorities if I did cease all dealing with them immediatly , i said go ahead . To cut a long story short , this is thirty three days and I still have not received any thing out of my order. Do not order with this company.

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