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  • Oct 21, 2015

OK Prices, but understand the policies before you buy

Four stars for price. Knock off a price for the slow shipping. Knock off a star for a pretty craptastic return policy. Make SURE you understand the return policy before you buy. Make sure you're a darn sure of what you're buying due to said return policy.

All in all, I find the return policy, slow shipping, and random product availability to not be worth the effort. Every so often, however, there is a gem.

  • Sep 3, 2014

Optics Planet - Dvor website advertises products as a kit and then sends an individual items.

I ordered a scents for hunting dog training on their website .

It shows 5 different scents and shows description and name of the product:

Remington Sporting Dog Training Scents


I received just one scent and was told to pay 25$ extra for others.

It is not how you do business. If you advertising something you have to send it same as it says in name and description.

Its a 100% misadvertisement.

When i started to chat with them they just ignored me and disconnected.

too bad. very unprofessional.

Will not recommend it to anyone anymore.

Remington Sporting Dog Training Scents are ideal for training undisciplined dogs. These 4-Ounce Formulas by Remington Sporting Dog are also concentrated.

Package Contents:

Remington Sporting Dog Training Scents

There is a picture where it is pictured 5 different scents

  • Apr 21, 2014

The site displayed a specific product, specific photos of the products and its description. when i opened the box at home i found an open dmaged box, parts were missing and the product was not the same os the model advertised but a cheeper version. i hurried to check the website to see hwere did i make the mistake, they erased the product page and would not upload it back.

i emailed them and they denied it all, offering me to send them the product back in its original package (which was opened and there are parts missing). i bought it as a gift for my brother in afganistahn, i am not going to send it back as he needs this thing ASAP.

they didnt even bother to try and figure out that they had made a mistake!

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