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City Englewood
Address 3531 S. Logan St. Ste. 217
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  • Mar 24, 2015

Don't Go Near This Business

I had to give one star because you can't give less than that. I had no idea that also went by JAM - Just About Money. I'd never do business with a company with that name. sold me two cable boxes, when the cable company refused to hook them up to their system, "Jay" kept begging me to work with him, work with the cable company, complain to the FCC, kept promising this would work. When one box wouldn't even boot up, I was instructed to send it in for repair and never got it back. So now I have one DVR in my home that has never worked because the cable company won't accept it, and another that was sent "Jay" for repair and I've never got it back. They no longer answer the phone or respond to email. He said they were a small company and weren't accepting CC cards yet, so I stupidly sent $450 by check. There is a reason they don't do business by credit card, because people can dispute fraudulent service. STAY AWAY!!! STAY AWAY!!! STAY AWAY!!!

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  • Feb 24, 2015, also run as JAM Enterprises, is a internet scam operation selling cable boxes claiming to save you money. This will not work beacuse the cable companies now charge you an "outlet" fee which is the equivilent of the rental fee for the cable company's own cable boxes.

I made 3 trips to my cable company tryint to make this work. Sure they will tell you the cable cards are free but then they tack on the "outlet" fee for each privately owned cable box you have. This results in you paying for you own cable boxes from but never revovering your cost for the cable boxes you bought in any savings from your cable company. The cable companies have figured out how to recover their loss of you owning your own cable box by implementing an "outlet" fee per box which happens to equal what you pay to rent the cable company's box. They justify this fee as saying it's their fee to send the signal to your privately owned box.

Jay at will tell you none of this is legal and will tell you to fight it. I have spent at least 8 hours and 3 trips to my local cable company tryint to fight it. A total wate of time and gas.

Jay will also drag this out and then refuse to issue you an RMA because it has gone past his 15 day RMA policy. Don't fall for this either.

I was never able to determine if boxes would work. The cable cards Jay ships with his boxes he claims have a 50% success rate. None of the 3 he shipped me would activate with Comcast. I had a 0% success rate.

Jay refused to issue me an RMA and hung up on me.

I am now filing at check fraud claim with my bank ro try and recover my money.

At a minimum, if you choose to deal with this company, pay by credit card so you can easily get you money back.

  • Dec 17, 2014, also run as JAM Enterprises, is a internet scam operation selling bogus cable boxes that do not work with many cable companies (my cable company is Cox Communications). After figuring out that the boxes don't work as promised, I returned them with an RMA# to the company in Englewood, CO. "J" who says he's the company tech is really the owner/scam artist himself and his real name is Jeff Davis. I was promised by "J" that I would get my refund within 30 days. Then nothing. No refund, will no longer answer my calls or return my messages or emails.

Jeff Davis stole $450 from me. He does not take credit cards...there is a reason. Consumers could get there money back easy if paying with a credit card when they are ripped off. Jeff Davis only takes checks by phone and scams you into giving your check information to him. Don't fall for this scam. Avoid this criminal.

I reported him to the local Englewood police fraud detectives who were "very aware" of this crook. They referred me to the Colorado Attorney Generals office. I filed a fraud report with them as well. The attorney generals office knew of this crook as soon as I mentioned his name and advised me how to fill out report. They are 100% currently investigating him and looks like they will be indicting him in the future...scary when the person on the phone at the Colorado Attorney Generals office knows the person your calling to report on immediately by name alone.

I also reported him to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center and the Colorado Better Business Bureau. His company has an F rating with the BBB. The amount of complaints about this crook are huge on the internet and this website. Even his ex-employees comments are really scary about this Jeff Davis crook.

I contacted my bank and filed a fraud claim with them. I got back my $450 from my bank and they are going after him and his bank for the money. Do the same. File a check fraud claim with your bank and you can get your money back.

I hope "J" - Jeff Davis - gets 1 year for every person he rips off. His wife and son should be ashamed of hiim as well.

Shame on you "J". You are a horible person.

  • Jul 5, 2014

I purchases 3 cable boxes that came with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. The three boxes arrived after about three weeks from the order. When I tried to install them they did not work. I spoke to Jay and was asked to obtain new cards for the units from the cable company. I did this and they still did not work. I then had the cable company service people come to my house and they determined the cable box software was not comparable with their software. I spoke to Jay and he asked me to email him a request for a prepaid return shipping label for the units and he would send out new units. I did this and since then the company does not answer their phones or return my calls. I have left several voice messages.

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