Dynamic Collections

Country United States
State Washington
City Chehalis
Address 790 S Market Blvd
Phone 360-748-0420
Website http://www.dynamiccollectors.com/

Dynamic Collections Reviews

  • Jun 17, 2015

I had tickets I had paid off through community service. Somehow one of the community service papers got lost so I got charged with paying not only the ticket they had the paper for and the one they lost. The collection agency filed a judgment against me because they refused to forward my mail. They said it wasn't their problem. I tried in good faith to get these paid and the payments made to the other agency, so I am told by Dynamic, may have been documented but what I owe is what I owe. They will give no payment history information or a basic audit of my account. They have a license to BULLY and do whatever they please with no regard for the person on the other end or the situation at hand.

I hope that each one of Dynamic Collections persons, who has such a hard heart, ends up on the other end of one of their co-workers hateful and uncaring calls! Karma does have a way of working. It is a shame we can't make a call to "Karma 911' to get it in a hurry!

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