Dynamic Collectors, Inc.

Country United States
State Ecuador
City Chehalis
Address 790 S Market Blvd
Phone (360) 748-0420
Website www.dynamiccollectors.com/

Dynamic Collectors, Inc. Reviews

  • Jan 24, 2015

In 2009, I got notice from Dynamic Collectors about a debt I owed a local hospital. At, 1st I got a very rude person that told me "we will take 1/4 of your income". That turned me off and I said some choice and not so friendly words. After about 3 more notices, I called them. I told them I can do a certain amout each month but not 1/4 of my income. I was told by the customer service rep that "If you were not so lazy, you'd get another job". I told her in sexual terms what I'd do if I ever saw her. They took me to court, but since I was working on a reservation at the time, they could not garnashee my check without me signing. In 2010, I got a letter from them asking me to call them and in the letter, it stated my 3 options for making payment arraingements. I called them. Too good to be true right?. It wasn't. I started out paying $100 every two weeks and I approved a wage garnishment thru my employer at that rate. A year, later, in 2011, I was better off financially, and started giving them at 1st $150 every two weeks and then within 4 months $300 every two weeks. Then, in December 2013, I got terminated from my job. Embarassed, I drove to Dynamic Collectors. I could no longer afford $600 a month. I showed them proff I was out of a job. I was about to get unemployment, but could only afford $100 a month. A man said to me "tough s***" right there in front of everyone. One lady who works there by the name of Gina, heard this. She asked me for my proof of termination and my proof of unemployment. They lowered my payments to $100 a month. Today, 1/23/15, I over paid on another bill forgetting about my payment to Dynamic Collectors. I called and asked for Gina. She listened and she listened to what I wanted to do to make up for this. She let this months payment go. I then said that I have finally full time employment and wanted to bump my payments up. She said I had just $674.48 left after a original bill of over $6,000 and I also had to add another hospital bill on top of that to the costs. I will be paid off in 3 payments. I can't say enough on how yes, rocky at 1st, but they do work with you, if you work with them. Gina is the best employee there. She helped me when no one else wouldn't and I'm thankful for that!!

  • Jan 8, 2015

This collection agency is awful. I called today to willingly set up a payment plan. The lady belittled me and said they contacted me numerous times. Then proceeded to say they called me a couple times in October. I have recieved no mail from them. She was very unwilling to work with me in anyway. Very rude overtalked me the whole conversation as if she was paying the bill. So im sure they will try and garnish my paycheck now that they know where my new job is with out sending any notification. I cant wait until they do because I've got something for them.

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