Dynamic Driveline Solutions

Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Brooksville
Address 15536 Cortez Blvd
Phone 352-796-2997

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  • Dec 3, 2014

I ordered a transmission from this company in Sept of 2014. I was given a delivery date of Sept 25 - Oct. 8. On Oct. 9th, I was told it would be delivered by the 12th. By the 14th, I was told it would ship on Oct 17. It finally shipped the week of Oct 20th, but Dynamic Transmissions had to recall the order, as they shipped it to the wrong customer. My order didn't ship for another week.

This company never contacted me over issues with my order. I had to call to get the tracking number for my order. On top of this, my order was only shipped to the carriers warehouse, not the address I requested. I had to drive 80 miles round trip to pick up my order. The, I had to drive 200 miles, roundtrip, to deliver the transmission to my brother so he could install it.

Also, I had to have my brother send an email to the carrier giving me permission to pick up my product.

I was told I would receive a refund for my shipping cost, as it took so long to get my order to me. That never happened.

Now, about the transmission. I was first told there was a back log on orders, due to the special this company ran on eBay. I was told the company had been able to purchase a truckload of transmission parts for rebuilds and that's why it was offering the low cost.

Then, I was told my transmission was of the "rare" variety. (I drive a 2005 2.3l Ranger. I have no problems purchasing the parts I need for this vehicle.)

The company had to find: a torque converter clutch and a bell housing for my transmission. Another excuse I was given for the delay in my order.

The bell housing was the wrong type and the transmission doesn't fit my vehicle.

I've tried asking for a refund of at least the shipping cost to return the transmission and the owner refuses to speak with me.

I've also been told that company had an employee that was stealing checks and cashing them for personal use as a reason for all the confusion and delays.

Poorly run company - do NOT waste your time or money dealing with them.

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  • Feb 9, 2015

dynamic driveline solutions

I also had problems getting my transmission from dynamic driveline solutions and now I got a bill from the shipping company saying they (d.d.s.) refused to pay the shipping. THEY NEED TO STAY OFF E-BAY!!!

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