Dynamic Recovery Solutions LLC

Country United States
State Cuba
City Greenville
Address 135 Interstate Blvd, Suite 6
Phone 8778584392
Website www.gotodrs.com

Dynamic Recovery Solutions LLC Reviews

  • Apr 29, 2014

This company stole thousands from my elderly mother telling her she owed a debt that was over 17 years old and the statue of limitations has long expired if she did own the money which she did not. She was not sent anything in the mail showing proof of the debt, or the steps she needed to take if she wanted to contest the debt which is what is required by law. She was threaten with law suits also not allowed by law. They said she owned money to Chase which is funny since her current mortgage is with them so if they had a problem with a past debt they would not have financed her new home a few years ago. These folks are liers and thieves that prey on people that do not know the law. We have filed a complant whith the state attorney generals office here in Florida and we are going after them. Enjoy as you will lose more money soon.

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