Dynamic Recovery Solutions, LLC

Country United States
State South Carolina
City Greenville
Address 135 Interstate Blvd. Ste 6
Phone 8778584392
Website www.gotodrs.com/

Dynamic Recovery Solutions, LLC Reviews

  • Jul 21, 2015

I was called by Dynamic Recovery Sollutions, The attempt to collect a debt was illegal and unconstitutional. They gained my private information illegally (identity theft) to open an account using my private information without my consent to open a contract with them. I asked if the person calling had the aauthority to represent Sprint,

they answered no. I informed them of the fact that i had not contracted with them and to call to collect funds from me under those circumstances was an illegal act. I have never signed a contract with Dynamic Recovery Sollutions.

I know for a fact if i owed Sprint it would have to be over twenty years ago, and if this was true, Sprint has long since wrote the account off, which means the alleged account would have had to be purchased by Dynamic Recovery Sollutions. The only way i can be responsible to Dynamic Recovery Sollutions is if i contracted with them concerning this alleged account. which i have not.

  • Mar 16, 2015

Just recieved a letter from Dynamic Recovery Solutions out of Greenville SC. The original creditor listed does not exist. I did my homework and looked them up.

Here is what I am doing and you should too regarding any bogus collection agency.

1. Write them a letter. I am providing a template of what to write below. Communication must be done in writing and it must be sent certified.

2. You have to send a 2nd letter. Even if they do not respond. You have to send a 2nd letter. Even if they get your first letter, they can still call you. Telling them verbally to stop calling does nothing except irritate you and waste your time.

3. Make sure to send the 2nd letter, which is a cease and desist letter to get them to stop communicating with you. Once you do this you ahve legal recourse to sue them.

Here is the letter to send. Just add your name. I also photocopy the form letter they send to me and mail them back the copy so they have all the info to reference.

  • Feb 20, 2015

Constant harrassment of a debt collector, who must buy old debts, but this particular one is not my old debt anyhow, and it is going to be reported to the Federal Trade Commission in Washington DC ....Dynamic Recovery, and I have several numbers they have left readable voice msgs. So, it is a scam, and I am so annoyed with them.

  • Jan 13, 2015

Court Summons Scam

Scammer posing as John Hart called my work number claiming that they attempted to deliver a court summons to my home, but there was no one there. The background noise made it obvious he was working in a call center. Claimed he was representing the county circuit court (did not pronounce the county name correctly), and had a case number and said that I needed to call 231-333-5204 for more information. reverse search showed the number to be from Cheboygan, MI. Said his client was attorney Henry Winestein. I contacted the county Circuit Court... no case with that number, no attorney in the directory with that name. Later I did call the number from an unlisted number just to see who would answer. I asked for John Hart, and was transferred to him. Gee, why would he he at the law office he told me to call for more information on my case? It's because they are SCAMMERS! They follow the M.O. others have described in this forum. What does it take to shut these criminals down?

  • Oct 18, 2014

Dynamic Recovery Solutions has called me twice now trying to collect on something I do not owe. On September 2nd, 2014, I recieved a call from Dynamic Recovery Solutions telling me that I owe over a thousand dollars to Sprint that I needed to take care of right away. I said thats strange, I never had a Sprint account. I asked for an account number and dates. I was told this was an account that was opened in 2004 and discharged in 2007 when I lived at (gave a Las Vegas address). I said now that cant be possible as I moved to said address in 2009. Why would I open an account using an address that I never knew existed in 2004. The rep stated that I owe this debt and need to pay it. I said, let me do some research and call you back. I called Sprint (mobile) and talked to a supervisor. Asked if there is a way to see if I ever had a Sprint cell account. I gave the supervisor my SSN and was told nothing shows under my SSN. I asked how long that goes back and she said forever. I then called Sprint long distance. I spoke with a supervisor there. Same thing - no account found under my SSN. I then called Dynamic Recovery Solutions back and asked to speak to a supervisor. "Mr. Wayne" came on the line and was very rude and condescending. I asked him right in the beginning what his issue was. He said that I was trying to get out of paying a bill that I owed. I got really upset at that point. I said no, I am disputing a bill that I DO NOT OWE and was advised by Sprint that I never had an account with them. I said you have my information, telling me I owe something and I dont. I need you to prove to me that I owe this bill and until then to not contact me. He said he will look into the situation and call me back within 30 days. No call.

Today, Ocotber 17th, 2014, I got another call from Dynamic Recovery Solutions telling me I owe Sprint and now a "childrens hospital in Madera, CA". I said you have got to be kidding me. I have asked you for the proof that I owe Sprint last month and never got anything and this is the 1st time Ive heard about a hospital bill. I said I dont even know where Madera, CA is. I lived in Southern California all my life and have never heard of Madera. I asked for a date of service and name of the hospital and the rep at Dynamic Recovery Solutions said they did not have that information. The rep told they bought these accounts from "Pendrick Capital Partners" and I needed to contact them. ** See my review on Pendrick Capital Partners" ** I told Dynamic Recovery Solutions to not contact me anymore with these bogus claims until they can prove to me that I owe these debts.

Be careful with these companies that claim to have "bought" your old debts!!

I have filed complaints with the FTC, BBB and will seek legal advise if needed.

  • Sep 25, 2014

I first received a letter in the mail from Dynamic Recovery Solutions. So I called them and was told I took a payday loan out in 2009 and defaulted on the loan. I asked for specific details and got very vague answers. So I explained that I had never taken out any such loan. He stated he would do a denial and notify the original company and they would be in contact with me if any more information is needed. I find it very odd that after I called them back I received 3 seperate phone calls from 3 "so-called" different collection companies stating the same reason for the call "so-called" payday loan taken out. I believe they are all the same people in one building do this over and over to people. And it is just mind blowing, irritating, and frustrating that our government can not Stop these people.

  • Sep 20, 2014

I kept receving calls from a local number stating that they work for Dynamic Recovery Solutions. When I couldn't answer the phone, there would be no message left. First red flag! When I was able to, the people that I would speak to were very demanding and rude. Telling me that I owed on an account (that I never had), (which I told them repeatedly). They said that I needed to pay on this and then if it was false, then dispute it. Why would I pay on something I know is false then dispute it?!

They called me numerous times and once I told them that I know this is a scam, I quit receving phone calls and now I'm receiving letters saying to settle for a lesser amount. Like I said, I never had an account with whom they say that I owe. And they're saying the account is from 13 years ago. Why didn't I ever hear from the company they say I owe before now?

Beware if you reveive calls or letters from them before you make any arraingments to pay them or give them any account access.

  • Sep 11, 2014

We have been contacted three times by Ms. Williams at this company from 3 different phone numbers, 913-305-3431, 913-871-4864, 913-305-3452 in the past 12 days. She won't say why she is calling and has been requested to send any communications in writing and has subsequently called, thereby ignoring these requests.

The matter in question is most likely related to an erroneous debt for an item that we have yet to receive after 6 years. We attempted to communicate that the item had not been received at the time and eBay/PayPal released the funds to the seller anyway even though we had been informed that due to the nature of the item, we would need to post a positive comment about receipt of the item before these funds would be released. We then attempted to file the appropriate claims at the time of the dispute and were told that they were not received and upon communication and instruction to resubmit, our claim was denied and sent to collection.

We have communicated the error numerous times and the debt has been passed around from collector to collector, though it is beyond the statute of limitations and we have been provided with no evidence regarding the validity or ownership of the debt, as requested.

Again, we have requested that this Company communicate in writing, as is our right, and at which time all phone communication should cease. The Company has refused our requests by continuing to call.

  • Aug 26, 2014

Received mail from Dynamic Recovery Solutions stating I owe avco financial $1859.72. I never heard of avco financial and have been getting scam mails and emails stating I owe money not just to them but to another company also. acs incorporation collection agency has also been in contact with me stating I owe money. I don't owe anyone money but my own personal bills that I pay regularly.

  • Aug 25, 2014

I got a letter demanding $708.41 from this outfit for a debt to Citibank. I've never had any dealings with Citibank, so I called the number. The woman I spoke to had my SS number and told me that the debt is from a Citibank Visa opened in 1987. Forget that these people are calling me about a 27 year old debt, I was only 15 years old in 1987! What's strange is that they sent this letter shortly after I began actively working on my credit in anticipation of a major purchase. I honestly believe that this outfit got my information and created a completely fraudulent debt hoping I'd just pay up. Has anyone else had an experience like this?

  • Jul 23, 2014

This company is nothing more then a scam. The fact they have been continously harrasing my husband and I is ridicolous. This has never shown on my husband credit report and he never has had a credit card with Bank First. I wish these people would just stop. It's funny how they answer the first time you call but dont answer when you call right back.

  • Jul 21, 2014

I received a call this morning from a Mr. Whitner looking for my husband. When I explained that he was not available and I was his wife, he went ahead and told me who he was and that he was calling from Dynamic Recovery Solutions. He wanted me to confirm my husband's last four digits of his Social Secuirty number in which I refused to. He claimed that my husband had two accounts with him. One for a Bank of America credit card in which the account was allegedly opened in 2002. My husband was a sophmore in highschool when the account was opened. To add insult to injury, the second alleged delinquent account was with Chrysler Financial and the account became delinquent in 2000. My husband was 14 years old at that time. This was a major red flag. What concerns me most is that they have his full social security number, current address, and they read everything off his credit report to me. I am his wife but I am still not him and they were providing me with all kinds of personal information. This Mr. Whitner guy continued to press on me giving a good faith payment towards the balance in the amount of $595.00 and then continue paying $175.00 until the loan was paid off to ensure that they did not proceed with collection on these accounts. When I said I was not going to pay that, he then insisted that I could pay $50 on each account to guarantee I would have the options and they would not attempt further collection. First of all, accounts that are over 7 years old cannot be collected on. Second, these loans could not have possibly been made considering my husband's age at the time these loans were opended or became delinquent. We have called the credit beureaus and ahave advised them of this call in which they have noted that if a collection is attempted, it would be considered fraud. These people are scammers!! Do not fall this.

  • Jul 14, 2014

Dynamic Recovery Solutions is making a claim that I owe a cell phone company money, which I did not have an account with until this past month and when I contacted the company, they confirmed my one and only account and owe no money on it, and am in good standing with.

The paper that is used for this letter, is a cheap material and purposely asks that you call or go onto the website and enter in your last four digits of your SSN in order to access and make a payment to them..

the cell phone company is starting an investigation and reporting the falsehood of this ridiculous scam! Dont be fooled, and DO NOT GO ONTO THEIR WEBSITE OR CALL.

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