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Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Brooksville
Address 15536 Cortez Blvd
Phone 352-796-2997

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  • Jul 28, 2014

I am warning the general public, as times are tough and money is tight for many of us, under any circumstances to do business with the above mentioned company. They are scam artists and you will be defrauded. Research and you will see for yourself they have quite an abundance of complaints. How many people have been defrauded and not filed a report? I have never in my life looked for revenge, I'm not letting this go. Since my puchase from Applied power Train technoligies, the owners have opperated under Mad Max Performance, Allstate Transmissions of Homosassa and now Dynamic Drive Line Solutions DBA Dynamic Transmissions of Brooksville Florida.

To Summerize my experience, Earl Lucket AKA Frank sold me a transmission for my F250 Diesel truck through ebay Applied PowerTrain located in Newport Richey Florida. Great salesman could sell a pig a ham sandwich. My 1300.00 E4OD transmission did not last 30 days nor did I recieve my replacement as promised by Frank. I called and called no response until the phones were disconected. I had a local transmission shop rebuild his so called better than new steel gear train Remanufactured E4OD. This transmission was never rebuilt it was a worn out piece of crap with a coat of paint. 3200.00 dollars later my F250 is back on the road. Well some say you get what you pay for. 1300.00 for a coat of paint!!! And to boot they never paid the freight company now Im being billed and turned over for collection. Are they kidding.... Im not done with this character. He is currently doing business on ebay as maddmaxperformance and understand he owns Allstate transmissions located 1717 S. Suncoast Blvd Homosassa FLorida. Earl has quite the reputation of defrauding the public. Watch your back Earl........ Google his name run through a few pages. Save yourself the headache.

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  • Aug 12, 2014


Earl and frank are two different people and I have met them both so you are miss informed. Please get your facts straight and multiple people I knw have used them for rebuilds and never had any issues.

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  • Jan 24, 2015

bad tranny

i bought a 4l60E from earl it shifted so hard it shook my truck, called earl told me it was an accumulator he would send the parts for me to fix it myself. he also told me to drive it 100 miles ( like it was going to fix itself ) parts never came. in the mean time 2nd gear started double and triple shifting till it just stopped shifting at all. earl is not a man of his word there is no 1 yr warentee on it if you buy from him your buying an expensive paperweight. this guy sends his wife to do his dirty work while he watches foot ball what a looser. hope your fleet of trucks holds out good luck getting them fixed if they break . you must have really deep pockets.

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  • Dec 2, 2014

Dynamic Transmissions

I ordered a transmission from this company in Sept of 2014. I was given a delivery date of Sept 25 - Oct. 8. On Oct. 9th, I was told it would be delivered by the 12th. By the 14th, I was told it would ship on Oct 17. It finally shipped the week of Oct 20th, but Dynamic Transmissions had to recall the order, as they shipped it to the wrong customer. My order didn't ship for another week.

This company never contacted me over issues with my order. I had to call to get the tracking number for my order. On top of this, my order was only shipped to the carriers warehouse, not the address I requested. I had to drive 80 miles round trip to pick up my order. The, I had to drive 200 miles, round trip, to deliver the transmission to my brother so he could install it.

Also, I had to have my brother send an email to the carrier giving me permission to pick up my product.

I was told I would receive a refund for my shipping cost, as it took so long to get my order to me. That never happened.

Now, about the transmission. I was first told there was a back log on orders, due to the special this company ran on eBay. I was told the company had been able to purchase a truckload of transmission parts for rebuilds and that's why it was offering the low cost.

Then, I was told my transmission was of the "rare" variety. (I drive a 2005 2.3l Ranger. I have no problems purchasing the parts I need for this vehicle.)

The company had to find: a torque converter clutch and a bell housing for my transmission. Another excuse I was given for the delay in my order.

The bell housing was the wrong type and the transmission doesn't fit my vehicle.

I've tried asking for a refund of at least the shipping cost to return the transmission and the owner refuses to speak with me.

I've also been told that company had an employee that was stealing checks and cashing them for personal use as a reason for all the confusion and delays.

Poorly run company - do NOT waste your time or money dealing with them.

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  • Oct 22, 2014


I own a company in Florida, i have a small fleet of vehicles and Dynamic Driveline is the ONLY shop that touches my vehicles.

And they are very professional. Earl and Frank ARE two different people ,I have met them both.

Competitors jealousy gets the best of them and the internet is an open channel to bash another company.

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  • May 3, 2015

Very good people

I have been letting Earl rebuild and service my transmissions for years and never let anyone touch my vehicles at all .... He is very honest will never rip you off and very good in the transmission world. It is very sad that competiors around him make up false claims just to get his work , he has a very good reputation and Custumers that use him from all over. Jealousy is a terrible thing

  • Jan 31, 2015

Total Scam Artist

These guys are total scammers. If you order from them you will lose your money and a lot of time. They have operated under many names. Currently as Road King Remans on ebay. I dealt with Fred Tuclik. Ordered a trans on 12-2-14. They billed my card immediately. On 1-27-15 I finally received a trans. There was delay after delay after delay. Every excuse you could think of from parts on order, wrong transmission built, family emergency, bell housing damaged by freight company and returned, you name it. They never call you to inform you, they just give an excuse when you call. When I finally got the trans, guess what, wrong model. When you call to have it returned they say they will take care of it. Send the freight company right out to get it tomorrow. Well, tomorrow must never come because no one ever shows up to get it. When you call them back, they say they will check on it, then when you call again they say they just got off the phone with shipper and it is scheduled for pick up. Let me tell you it is NOT. They do this over and over until you get tired of calling them. When you request a refund, they say they will issue a refund as soon as they receive the trans back. Only they will never receive the trans back because they will never send the freight company to get it. Funny how that works. If you get a trans, any trans, don't bother putting it in. It will be a used junkyard transmission with a new coat of paint. After finding some reviews online about these guys and waiting for the bogus return freight truck to pick this one up, I decided to pull some of it apart to see what was in it. Nothing that was supposed to be, junkyard used trans as expected. I have filed complaints with the Florida State Attorney General. I'm probably not the first. Attempting do a charge back with my credit card right now. If you value your time and money, stay away from Dynamic Driveline, Dynamic Driveline solutions, Road King Remans. Heck, to be safe stay away from any internet transmission company operating out of Brooksville Florida unless you can verify the are legit! I could write a book about these scumbags but this pretty well sums up the disaster. They should consider themselves lucky I live 500 miles away!

  • Dec 1, 2015

Got me to

I was scammed this month by this team. He sent Dillion out to my location and dropped off the transmission and not more then two weeks its done no good. I talked to Dillion several times today and he stated that Earl left the state. What did you do about your money we need to get the state attorney involved in this 813 298 4296 James i am all in

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