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DynamicDirect.com Reviews

  • May 1, 2014

WARNING - Do NOT Use PrintLabelandMail, otherwise known as Dynamic Direct

They do not do as they say, and refuse to make good.

I had them create a postcard for me, which they did a very nice job except for the fact they put the mailing address box in the wrong place and the post card never got delivered to its recipients.

I had 5,000 of them printed and PrintLabelandMail was supposed to drop 850 of them in the mail once per month.

They dropped them off alright, and the post office said they went into the process, but NOT ONE of them was delivered. How do I know? Because I never got mine.

Second mailing, I had my daughters address in the list as well, and she never got hers either.

So, I began to ask questions and got rather evasive answers form the company.

Therefore, I was forced to do a little research and some comparing myself.

I got the post cards shipped to me in 2 boxes and went to the local post office myself to ask a few questions. I was told that the only way the post card would be delivered if it had a 2st class stamp on it. That there was no way the post office would deliver what I had in a bulk postage format.

Not leaving anything to chance, I sent my office assistant to two other post offices and she was told the same thing.

That the post card was formatted incorrectly and it could only go out first class.

I brought it up with the owner of the company and he became very combative – cutting my off and interrupting in what I was attempting to be a civil discussion and try to work out some sort of acceptable and workable agreement between us.

After repeated emails back and forth, with examples of other post card mailings I have done successfully in the past, as well as providing him with a template from a National Post Card Company detailing and explaining to minute detail how the post card had to be laid out, I got nothing.

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