Dynasty Building Solutions

Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Tampa
Address 4511 N Hime Ave, Suite 200
Phone (844) 573-0857
Website dynastybuildingsolutions.com/

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  • Dec 11, 2014

Victor Lupis is a thief and criminal and is the owner of Dynasty Building Solutions. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS GUY! I was hired and trained by him to sell roofing promised to customers and never was paid. I suffered harship due to this scumbag and now I find out that he is a convicted FELON! Google victor lupis and read about him. This link alone says all you need to know

: http://www.crimeincharlotte.com/two-union-county-men-busted-by-feds-for-several-diamond-heists-across-usa/#.VIjwmIrF-60

Not sure how people like this are allowed to own businesses but beware, he's a thief. I was promised a base salary and was never paid. I was told to sign up people who had "damage" to their roofs, and was never paid. No one got a new roof, and I got no pay check. He is a scam artist. ANYONE WHO DOES BUSINESS WITH DYNASTY BUILDING SOLUTIONS NEEDS TO LOOK UP WHO THE OWNER IS. Do not do business with him or more importantly work for this guy, he's a crook.

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  • May 19, 2016

Do not trust !

These people prey on seniors... beware, they will lie and attempt trickery. Do not let their salesman into your home.

I did, and now I am suffering daily harassment and bullying from these people. I am an 78 year old terminal cancer patient with little time left.

These people know it, but don't care. They have attempted to induce me to sign documents that work to their advantage

Do not trust these folks, I regret that I did !.

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