Country United States
State Aruba
City Duarte
Address 1528 Highland Ave
Phone 1.800.928.3962
Website www.dynaonline.com/

Dynatek Reviews

  • May 7, 2017

dynatek scammers

I too had a horrible experience with dynatek. beware

  • Sep 17, 2014

2009 yamaha rhino. I installed dynatek FS ignition. Lasted 200 miles. All vehicle was driven over 1.5 yrs, stopped functioning so I called dynatek. Sent it off....dynatek claims it was fine, no problem. Sorry but it is out of warranty, however, we will offer a new ignition at a small discount. I explained the lack of functionality and again was told it was not the ignition. I thought a performance ignition was that....performance. The machine ran the same with stock ignition as dynatekxf "performance" ignition. I decided to purchase the new setup and be done with it.

Silly me. Purchased and installed new ignition and it ran better than on the stock ignition, a little. I drove it down the road and noticed the speedo off. I took it home and checked it all out as far as i could. Looked fine, wires clear of heat and moving parts. Connections tight. I played with buttons on dash display and noticed the odometer had jumped from 1700 miles to over 2700. Upset and baffled, I called dynatek. Send it back was the response. Sent it back, no problem, checks out fine. I explained the issue again and was told their product couldn't do that, I replied that yes, your product did. I tried to make headway and was told it was my problem. I explained that NOTHING else had been changed or worked on to no avail. The tech actually became rude. I got the ignition back but I haven't even installed it for some months. I feel burned by this company and regret having purchased from them. Please be aware

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