Dynatek Industries, Inc.

Country United States
State Aruba
City Valencia
Address 28170 Crocker Ave. Suite 100
Phone 6614140140
Website www.dynatekindustries.com/

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  • Jun 30, 2014

This company uses telemarketers who are forced to use scripts that target low level employees into agreeing to a free gift. Then a month later you will receive an out rageous bill (8rolls of tape for $478.46). Then you will start getting harrassment calls from a woman claiming to be Patty Scott head of Accounts Receivable at Dynatek Industries Inc. Patty will try to strong arm you into believing you have to pay the invoice because the order was confirmed and then she will say they have a recording of confirmation to ship to your company. Eventually if you hold strong that you are not paying for the invoice and you let them know you are aware this is a scam, the conversation will turn from collecting payment for the invoice into getting you to pay to ship the product back to them. If you continue to hold strong and say you are not paying to return merchandise you did not order then Patty Scott will offer to fax you a fed ex return label to ship the product back to Dynatek.

Do not verify any information (ie address, fax, employee names, anything related to your facility) request that Patty give you her Fed Ex account number to ship the product back, tell her you are uncomfortable with anything short of using their Fed Ex account number to ship back. Technically you DO NOT need to send the product back, since it is unordered merchandise you have the right to treat it as a gift and it is illegal for Dynatek to invoice you for the product or ask for the product to be returned. At that point Patty will curse at you and hang up.

I researched the company and it looks like Dynatek hires telemarketers who are forced to use scripts for the sole purpose of deceiving a shipping employee or low level supervisor to verbally agree to a complimentary catalouge and a sample size box of tape. Once the employee agrees to the free stuff (or so the employee thinks) the telemarkter will get the shipping address and ask for either a PO number or to use the employee name as a verbal PO. A few days later the shipping department will get a call back from Dynatek calling to confirm the shipping address, this call will be from a man name Bill who confirms a verbal agreement for the shipment on a voice recording. You can contact Bill the sales manager/shipping manager/manager of the telemarketers on his cell phone 310-435-2754. Please do not get taken by this scam. Your best defense against a company like Dynatek is a savvy receptionist/secretary who will not give out employee names or extension numbers. The one thing all of the compnaies who were scammed by Dynatek Industries Inc had in common was human interaction.

28170 Avenue Crocker Ste 100, Valencia, CA 91355

remittance address: PO Box 800729, Santa Clarita, CA 91380

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  • Feb 16, 2016

Mail Fraud?

Since they use the US Postal service to mail their fraudulent invoices, would that not constitute mail fraud? I think that would be a nice approach.

  • May 20, 2015

An employee at our company received a phone call. The caller stated that we have an account with them and he wanted to confirm our address to ship an order. The employee gave his name and confirmed the address of our company. Dynatek Industries Inc. shipped a case of 96 rolls of 2" clear carton seal tape with "verbal" as a purchase order number.

After the shipment was delivered, another employee at our company called the number on the packing list and asked the price of the shipment. He was told $478.46. That would be $4.98 per roll. These are small rolls that can be purchased for about $.50 per roll.

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