Dynia & Associates, LLC

Country United States
State Benin
City Des Plaines
Address 1400 East Touhy Avenue, Suite G2
Phone 7734271900
Website dyniallc.com/

Dynia & Associates, LLC Reviews

  • Dec 17, 2014

I have been recieving phone calls from an Illinois number several times a week for the past couple of weeks. Today I finally answered. I really wish I hadn't. I spoke with a man who called himself Boris Roldan.

Right off the bat, he asked for my social security number. I asked him what it was in regards to and he said that he couldn't tell me until I verified my information. I told him, "I'm sorry but I need to know a little more about who you are and what this is about." He then proceeded to tell me my birthday, an old address, my parents information, and asked me to verfiy. When I wouldn't, he got pretty nasty to me.

He said that if I wasn't going to make this easy then I had better call him back and I had 24 hours to respond. I again asked him what this was about and he said "You know exactly what this is about. You have 24 hours." We went round like this for about 5 minutes until he was basically on the verge of yelling at me. I asked again who he was working for and what they did. He gave me the name of his company but would not tell me what they did. He simply said, "just look it up. you know what this is about."

So I looked up Dynia & Associates. I don't even have any accounts in collections so its very suspicious. Not to mentiont the fact that the guy was super mean and rude to me. He was very aggressive in trying to get my personal info.

Oh and when he spouted off an old address that my parents lived at, I said "I do not live there." He then accused me of lying and hiding, moving around and not reporting to anyone where I had moved to. Ridiculous! I always update my info when I move. What a DICK. These people should be out of business. They are scamming people!

  • Jul 4, 2014

A small time, sweat shop who uses the real estate attorneys name to call themselves a collection law firm that is run by 50 year old alcoholics and cocaine users. They try to manipulate the law making people believe that they may get sued for their credit card debt. These people have no regard for the law, for consumers or for their own employees. Anthony, Michael and Greg go as far as slandering and defaming ex employees, who they fired, just to spite them. They call people's cell phones, their neighbors and their relatives using an auto dialer. They mistreat and disrespect their employees matter of their sex, age, race or the fact that they are pregnant. They are also having serious problems with the IRS. Contact the Illinois attorney general Lisa Madigan if this place calls you, report them over and over, so that there is no choice but to shut them down. These are bad, bad people who are earning 6 figures per year by mistreating people. Ahmad Merritt formerly a wide receiver in the national football league is also a managing member of this form, he was reported, arrested and charged with assault for choking a man at a local park district, co-ed softball league game.

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