Earthwell Energies

Country United States
State Costa Rica
City Dallas
Address Earthwell Energies, LLC
Phone 5703715185

Earthwell Energies Reviews

  • Apr 3, 2014

Earthwell Energies sold us a very expensive geothermal heat pump system. This was a large ticket item. After giving them a significantly large first deposit they basically disappeared. I received no contact from them for months. It wasn't unit many phone calls later and some legal threats that they finally showed up to do the work.

The work began and everything seemed to be going good. I had concerns with the way the system was being hooked up to my existing well. The workers had their own concerns about it themselves. However, after addressing them to the owner Jon Peach they were instructed to move forward with the installation.

When the system was finished and started, it ran great for about 12 hrs. After which it drained my well and pulled mud into the system. I had dirty muddy water comming to the house, and even worse, mud in my new 20K system.

They returned to check the extent of the problems but did nothing to fix it. Next thing I know Earthwell and Jon Peach began demanding final payment. I paid good money for a system to be installed that was supposed to save me money. All I ended up with was a non functioning piece of metal and a drinking well problems. I had to have a new well put in and then hire a new contractor to finish the work correctly. Please do not fall victim to this company as I did.

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