Easy Rest Beds

Country United States
State British Indian Ocean Territory
City Baltimore
Address 6110 Holabird Ave
Phone (410) 633-1300
Website www.easyrest.com/

Easy Rest Beds Reviews

  • Sep 25, 2014

When starting with Easy Rest I was given a commission compensation sheet - they work on a point system 1 point for appointments set, another for appointments kept, another for presentations made and commission on any products sold. On my third week of employment I was given a slip that stated the commission that was to be paid two months went by with no other commission statements. Every week they post in the office how many beds were sold by each individual telemarketer... I have sold over 30. I kept tally sheets for every appointment that was set from the day a began work.

Although appointments are set with individuals on the phone that doesn't not mean that they will have a salesperson at their home. After setting appointments the persons credit is checked and if they do not meet the criteria for the company the appointment is cancelled and their phone number returned to the system to be repeatedly harassed by telemarketers at this company. Most of the customers are elderly. If they have acceptable credit the presentation (sales) person meets them for a 2 -4 hour sales presentation.

After a month of passively asking about my commission pay to my supervisor I was told they were busy, didn't have time, or just didn't have that information available. Two weeks ago with my finances as tight as they are I asked the lead supervisor about when my commission should be expected. With a snide attitude I was told that information wasn't available and maybe I needed to go back into training. Last night after my shift I was terminated - the excuse was I have not meet their expectations in the last 2 weeks so now I am not longer employed.

I had just reached the point with this company that I could start collecting vacation and personal time and now I am gone and wasn't paid no where close to the commission on sales or setting appointments as promised during the training for this position. I was the only person left that started at that time now I'm gone too.

I really feel that the only reason that I was terminated from the position was that I asked about the commission that was owed to me. I still have my daily tally sheets from the appointments set and still retain the commission sheets that were included with my paystubs. I went to work and applied myself everyday - I truely feel that I have been taken advantage of.

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