Ecommerce Positioning LLC

Country United States
State Ecuador
City Lynnwood
Address 3400 188th St SW Ste 300
Phone (425) 361-4549

Ecommerce Positioning LLC Reviews

  • Jul 25, 2014

I can’t believe that I have been deputed, bamboozled and just out right played with like I’m some type of toy. WELL I’M NOT. These people that work for Ecommerce Positioning should be ashamed of themselves. Calling and scams people out of their hard earned money. If it was not for my family being able to take me and my kids in then I would be out living on the street. They were shooting out lies after lies that I was going to be on the first page on Google. Then one on the guys told me that if I was not ranked 5 or higher on the first Google page, within 90 days, that I would get my money back. So I trying to call them, which they never ever pick up the phone, and if they did the person does not know what they are talking about. Finally when I got someone and asked for a refund in my money they told me that “Did you not read the contract? It states that if after 90 days the work has not been completed then you have to wait 8 more months to get a refund.” I was so pissed when he told me that. I just lost $37,000 with Ecommerce Positioning. Thank God for mark and his law firm. They were able to get my money back and in just enough time for me to be able to keep my house form being foreclosed on. Mark was just a lifesaver. I’m telling you to call him if you’re just another victim of these scams. Marks direct number is (703)-549-9138

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