Eddy West

Country United States
State Georgia
City Toccoa
Address 69 Meadowbrook Industrial Park
Phone 706-779-5830
Website http://www.eddywest.com/

Eddy West Reviews

  • May 11, 2015

Eddie West of Magazine Arkansas portrayed himself to be a person whom could do anything such as dry walling, carpentry, wood working etc. I was in need of someone to dry wall a home that i was remodeling. He told me that he would work all day and it would only cost me 100 dollors a day and that is what he would charge me to dry wall my small home. He initially told me it would take about two and half days.

Well when i spoke to him he told me he would have to contact two guys to help him, that they "worked for him" Well he comes over the next day (after i had everything ordered and delivered). He brings himself and these two guys, well i ask him how long is it gonna take. well, it went from two days to ten days, then i find out that he is charging me 100 a day and each of the guys he brings is also charging me 100 a day......300 a day for 10 days for freaking dry wall....RIGHT

well i let them work for about five hours. when they left (they thinking they were gonna come back the next day) i found that they had only completed 2 rooms and one celings. Thank God, because the job they did was done horrible. TheY HUNG THE DRY WALL WRONG!!! also on one wall they hung different sizes. Completly disgusting work. It will have to be taken down and reaccomplished.

DO NOT HIRE EDDIE WEST or his buddies from Magazine ARKANSAS to do any dry wall or for that matter anything if you do not want to get ripped off. I BELIEVE they saw an opportunity to take advantage of a female and i am a widow ( my husband died from HIS SERVICE CONNECTED INJURIES-he was a disabled Veteran and i am a veteran) .... This guy is a blow hard, he will say he can do everything but in reality he does terrible work. I learned my lesson, it cost me 300 plus they runied about 15 sheets of drywall.



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