Edmund Michael Renzulli

Country United States
State Alabama

Edmund Michael Renzulli Reviews

  • May 1, 2016

Ed Renzulli, Edmund Renzulli III, Just Ed, Michael Renzulli Con man, scam artist, thief, liar Florida Chicago

Edmund Micheal Renzulli, born in 1952, is a conman. He uses various methods including his Chicago based "businesses" - 51 Club, Phoenix Capital Management, Embarq Consulting - to con people, usually women, out of large sums of money. I have personal accounts of him conning several. A couple in FL for 15k, an elderly woman with multiple sclerosis in FL for 120k (everything she had), a woman in TX for ~$250k, and a woman in TN for ~$450k, plus another couple in TN for ~$10k. He has had multiple people drop their lives and move cross county to get involved in his various businesses only to steal the money and leave them hanging. While his wife was dying he started a relationship with a prositute and was off conning others, but he will tell you stories of how much he loved his wife and was there for her.

He has alienated much of his family and they do not speak to him. He will tell you stories all day long and tends to spit when he talks. He pretends to be a Christian and uses this to get in with people. He usually starts a relationship with women who have good incomes so as to begin to guide them in investments. He is usually sleeping with these women and may be working multiple women in multiple states at the same time. He supposedly also has an addiction to prostitutes and thats how all the money gets blown. Ladies, if you've been with him you better get tested and then lockdown your bank account while you are at it. He will profess his love for you just like he does all the others. He is only after your money.

  • May 30, 2015

I was contacted by destin2015 on christian mingle. He was sweet, attentive, and respectful so he got my attention. But when i found out what his full name was, i googled him and found him on Be sure and read the article written by "antilconman" it gives the full story. I then googled how to tell if someone is a conman. He fit the description. If you're on a dating site, beware. He could be using other names and sites as well.

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