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City Del City
Address 3217 Overland Drive
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  • May 7, 2014

Nikki Leach was hired as an independent contractor to perform massage therapy for Kneading Your Knots clients. Nikki worked for about 1 year. A dispute over giving the owner a massage surfaced. It was decided that she would not be expected to give the owner a massage in exchange for providing everything needed to perform her contractual obligations. So, we thought the matter was settled. But, the owner arrived at the office and discovered that Nikki was trash-talking the owner to an employee of our co-located counseling center, a totally unrelated business.

Nikki's contract was therefor terminated. This was on/about Jan. 16, 2014. There were 4 existing massages scheduled for Nikki when she left. Another massage therapist came in to perform those massages. When the first massage client failed to appear, she was telephoned. The client said, ""why should I come back when you 'got rid' of Nikki?"". First of all, how did the client know? Nikki's contract forbid her to have any client information on her person, printed or digitally. I immediately texted Nikki and told her to now contact another client. She was not to interfere with our business. She replied she was contacting all of our clients because she was ""protecting her reputation"". No, she was contacting all of our clients to tell them she was no longer there and why.

None of the clients that Nikki performed massaged for in the past 6 months have returned. These clients were coming on a regular basis 2 to 4 times a month. That equates to roughly $5000 in lost revenue. As a business we withheld her last payment for 30 days to see what kind of damage she caused from violating her contract.

Nikki then filed a fraudulent claim with the Oklahoma Department of Labor claiming to be an ""employee"" and was not paid her last ""wages"". This was an outright lie since she signed numerous documents stating she was a contractor. We responded to the DOL with our court filing in small claims court for ""enticing away"" our clients. The DOL claim was denied and closed.

We went to court on April 23, 2014. The score in that case was basically ""0"". The judge ruled that we could not establish who ""initiated the contact"" to our clients about her dismissal, her or the client. So, we lost. Contacting our clients in violation of her contract however was not in dispute.