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  • May 5, 2014

Looking at the fact that others have made reference to having difficulty in stopping credit card payments comes as no surprise. A look at Enoch Tan's information reveals that the 'information' being sold, is to the gullible and to the greedy; that the information utilises 'new age' terminology and well known internet money making scam techniques.

Web page formats inclusive of 'free' pdf links, reveals that Enoch Tan is just copy/pasting standard Internet money making formats. All of the information that Enoch uses is a hodgepodge mixture of information that is freely available all over the internet; information that is in many get rich and new age books inclusive. Having looked at all of this for the last 30 years, this is at best a beginners attempt to steal money from peoples pockets.

Combining Wealth with spirituality - Ultimately these are incompatible. No true spiritual person would tell you to go after wealth while at the same time seeking spirituality, consciousness or enlightenment. In the words of Jesus Christ, you cannot serve two masters. New Ageism is just watered down Eastern Philosophy i.e. Hinduism and the religion of Babylon. A true Eastern practitioner would never endorse seeking wealth. A look at Buddha will also tell you that he shunned status and wealth for the spiritual path. A vast amount of spiritual information is freely available on the Internet, the depth of which is well beyond the construct of Enoch Tan.

Regarding Enoch Tan and the numerous web pages and social media links that he has, I could not find a direct email address, business address or phone number. The only ability to communicate with this person is a contact form web page; all of this stinks of being a scam and a wall of concealment to hide behind, in taking peoples money.

Enoch Tan, like many others, are well aware that one of the main ways of taking peoples money is stand up and say give me your money and I'll show you how to be rich and successful; that doing what they do will also show you how to steal peoples money. This will show you that these people never seriously looked and adopted the spiritual practices that they have stolen and distorted to meet their evil ends i.e. get rich off the core desires of humanity.

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