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  • Apr 28, 2014

About a month ago I noticed that a Company that goes by the name Equator had been withdrawing funds from my account. Upon further review I noticed that this company began to withdraw roughly $10.00 a month from my account since 2011.

I immediately contacted my bank and reported this fraudulant activity that had taken place. My Bank was able to recover two months of funds and they also blocked my bank card and reissued a new bank card. My bank advised me to contact the company and request that they reimburse me for the remainder of the unauthorized funds.

I contacted Equator by telephone and was told that my Husband had signed up as a REO vendor in 2011. My husband never signed up as a vendor, we are both clueless as to how this company received my bank card information. I asked equator to provide me with any and all documentation regarding this account.

A company representative said that I would need to log into my Equator account to see this information. I explained to her that I did not have an account nor did I authorize any transactions with this company. The representative stated that she did not have to provide me with any information about this account. I explained to her that my husband never authorized this company to withdraw funds nor does he have that authority with regards to my personal banking information. My husband is not authorized to use my banking information nor can Equator withdraw funds from my account.

I received several emails from equator regarding this billing dispute and they continued to give me the run around. I requested that they refund all unauthorized charges on my bank card. Equator stated that they had investigated my claim and found my ""so called"" account to be valid. I was never able to retrieve the unauthorized funds and I feel as if we were completely scammed. I had never heard of this company nor has my husband. Neither myself nor my husband would ever sign up for an account with this company and we never utilized any of the ""so called REO services that they apparently provide.

I had to request a new bank card, contact all of the companies who I do authorize to take automatic withdrawals and now I am out several hundred dollars to a company that I never knew existed. I feel ratjer hopeless in this sitiation and I am curious if there are others out there who are having the same experience with these scammers.

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