Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Leesburg
Address 1300 Citizens Blvd Suite 150
Phone 3522670672


  • Apr 21, 2014

I signed up with ERA TOM GRIZZARD a realty company in Leesburg Florida to sell my home. I signed up with them for 60 days and initialled the contract. I was told I would get a copy the next day...I am still waiting. The Realtor named Ira Miller at that time had only had the listing for 7 days when he told me he was taking off with his wife for a vacation in California. I managed to get the listing transferred to a Scott Hubbard and it's been down hill really ever since I listed it with the Company.

1) Scott arranged to do an Open House from 1.4. However he was doing another Open House from 10-1pm 30 minutes drive away. He advertised both in the local paper and then decided to have his girlfriend help him. Meanwhile he was late to start my Open House. The girlfriend has no real estate license but then I was told she was offering any prospective clients 10 hours free interior design help if they bought my house. My house is immaculate, and is a little 1.136 sq ft courtyard home which does not need 10 hours of interior design help and she has no interior design experience or license. Both her and Scott decided to move my furniture around without my permission damaging a large exterior candle holder. No, they didn't apologize or replace it.

2) Scott has always been late and I have had to show people around my house when clients have arrived. He does not keep up with emails, texts or calls, so being updated on showings doesn't happen. My lockbox was missing from the property when I went by just by chance today, I don't know when it was removed or who removed it so I texted Scott and guess what, even to date he hasn't replied. I asked him if he knew where it was, was it him that removed it etc...I obviously was concerned incase some other person had taken it with a view to breaking into my home. Also my home has been left unsecured after viewings.

3)I have called the Mortgage Broker Thomas Gus Grizzard, and when I have tried to explain some of the concerns I have with the listing and the fact that I do not have a hard signed copy of the contract for my files, he started to become very abusive on the phone, shouting and very intimidating towards me to the point where I had to hang up, I could take no more.

4)The company badgered me to take my price down but I have to get a certain amount from the sale and the property itself is not overpriced so I asked Gus Grizzard to reinstate my original price and he has refused which I believe to be a violation of the contract. He demanded on the phone to speak with my creditors and wiil not alter the selling price until he speaks directly to them. I take that as a threat and also intimidation.

My finances are none of his business, he is a real estate agent and trying to threaten me. The Board of Realtors told me if I felt he was abusing me or threatening me that I was to call the Sheriffs Department. I have asked to be released from the contract, even offering him a financial settlement and he will not release me. My house is not an expensive house to sell, so Gus Grizzard is being an AH, perhaps he feels he needs to prove something to himself, but as he does he is causing me great financial hardship as I have to pay the mortgage every month. He has no intentions of selling the house, he proved that by removing the lockbox and also by not communicating until the Board of Realtors asked him to. I am still awaiting updates from previous viewings that the company schedule and no one shows. How do I know no one shows because I am watching at the time of the showings. I believe they are setting up hoax viewings to make it look as if they are trying to sell.

The Sales Contract....Gus Grizzard sent me an email of another person's sales contract last week and told me it was mine. I called up a local attorney today and when I told them what was happening and who the company was, they told me they were not suprised, they had heard all this before.

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