Eric Burkholder

Country United States
State Belize
City Hayden
Address 180 W Hayden Ave
Phone (208) 889-8865

Eric Burkholder Reviews

  • Feb 13, 2015

Our family wired $2000 to Eric and Sabra Burkholder of LAVADOG, Idaho and Atlantic Wholesale or Atlantic Diabetic Wholesale to buy produts to resell online. They shipped us the incorrect products so we spent $60 to ship them back and asked them to resend us the correct products so we could sell them online. This occured the first week of August 2014. We then asked, emailed, texted, called numerous times for either a refund of the funds or the correct product. We treid to have them prosecuted for theft but unfortunately the county prosecutor does not believe that when people take money from someone it's called theft and a crime. Eric Burkholder and Sabra Burkholder of LAVADOG changed their email and their phone#'s so I can't reach them anymore. They stole from us, and ripped us off! They have $2060 of our money and no products.

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