Especially Yours

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City South Easton
Address P.O. Box 105
Phone 1-800-952-5926

Especially Yours Reviews

  • Mar 2, 2016

A Big Rip Off!!

With the amount of customer who have been hurt by Especially Yours, why are they allowed to continue to rip people off? I had ordered a pair of shoes last year from them that arrived with one shoe damaged and too large. I immediately called the company and was advised to return the shoes and that they would be sent to me within 10 days. That is what their website states. However, they held on to the shoes and did not communicate further. Every time that I called, I was given the "runaround". I had even spoken to "supervisors" who had the audacity to state, "sorry that's just the way it is"! After many cutoffs and getting nowhere, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. That was also unproductive. Finally, I contacted Paula Young (parent company) and the matter was resolved. I refuse to have any dealings with them in the future. Again, why are they allowed to continue in business, and, is there a purpose for this forum? Will results be obtained?

  • Mar 12, 2015

Places a order online Feb 24, 2015 around 1-2 pm totaling $469 three women dress suits using my debit card and I printed a receipt also called back on March 6 around 415-430pm I was informed that it was a problem with my credit card number and she needed the 1-800 number off the back when she read me my billing address she states the shipping address was the same and I told her no it was to be shipped to the other address which is my parents address she states the order would be shipped within the next 24-48hrs today is March 11, 2015 still no order checks my email only one of the suits I ordered is supposedly on it way I called tonight around 730 pm a man tells me that my order states shipment was complete meaning I received it I told him no sir I haven't receive anything I asked what address was it shipped to he states my address I told him that was the billing address the shipping address was different and he tells me to hold that I needed to call back tomorrow because that dept was closed I stated on the website it states call anytime 24/7 so I called back a lady told me to call back tomorrow that dept was closed til tomorrow and I will be calling back from another number bright and early this has pissed me off highly and I want my money back ASAP

  • Feb 7, 2015

I purchased a wig from Especially Yours....The wig did not look like the picture, so I contacted customer service about an exchange..At no time did the representative tell me that the wig was non refundable or exchangeable..Instead, she gave me instructions on how I can exchange the wig..I paid $6.95 to reurn the wig, and $39.97 for the purchase as well..Well I waited 2 weeks for the response about the exchange..I was only credited $3.00 to my account, and 2 customer service representatives told me that the wig was a clearance item and they will donate the wig to charity on my behalf..I could not even speak to a supervisor to see if they problem could be rectified..Instead, they dismissed me and took my money with no remorse...I will never be a customer of theirs again...Please be advised when doing business with this company...Especially Yours is a Scam!!!

  • Oct 17, 2014

This company uses bait and switch technigues, I ordered a wig for Halloween and through in a couple of sets of jewelry for 3.99 each. Company shipped jewelry but were unable to ship wig as color requested had been discontinued. I just paid 16.00 for dollar store jewelry worth 5.00. When i requested refund they said that was fine but I had to pay 8.00 shipping and handling.

  • Jul 16, 2014

The last week of April I ordered 2 wigs from Expecially Yours, and had anticipated order some other things after I received the wigs. after about a week, I called the company to check on the status of my order, to see if it had been received.

During my first call I talked with a woman who verified my mailing address where I had lived several years ago. I then told her that was not the correct address and I gave her my present address and I asked that the wrong address be deleted from my file.

I was assured that the previous address had been removed, so I waited to receive my order. I called a couple days later and was told my order was in the process of being shipped out. I verified the address again, and i was told my current address is where my order was being shipped and i should receive it in a few days. I waited, and waited, this time when I called, I was told that my order had be delivered on 5/19/14.

I checked with my apartment office, which is where any packages are left that cannot fit in the mailbox, and there was nothing for me. I waited a couple more days, and still nothing. I checked with the post office, and I gave them the tracking number, and they showed my package had been delivered to my previous address.

I went to my previous address 2 times, and was told they put my package back in the mail. The post office never had any record of any return, so they stole my order.

I told Especially Yours all of this, because it was their fault for sending my package to the wrong address that it was stolen by the current residents.

Especially Yours refused to give me my money back, and they refused to send me a duplicate order to my present address. I am out of over $50 (+shipping and handling) and they refuse to help me.

I do not recommend anyone to deal with this company because they have bad business practices.

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