Euro-Star Boxers

Country United States
State Costa Rica
City Hyndman
Phone (814) 324-4580

Euro-Star Boxers Reviews

  • Jul 16, 2014

For anyone looking for a Boxer Puppy Please stay away from Euro-Star Boxers in Hyndman, PA ( Staci Holbrooke- owner). I purchased a 100% European Boxer from Staci Holbrook at Euro-Star boxers in August of 2013. When I picked up the puppy I immediately noticed her chest bone seemed odd but just figured she was a puppy and she would grow into it. The next day I took my puppy to my local vet in Pittsburgh where he immediately was concerned about where I got the dog from and him along with 3 other vets diagnosed her with a deformity of the chest cavity called a pigeon chest. I immediately contacted Staci to tell her what my vet had told me about my puppy and should told me my vet was “inexperienced” and didn’t know the boxer breed well and that Euro Boxers have a broad / deep chest cavity and she was fine. I believed Staci and moved on from hit. Then in January I took my pup to get spayed at 7 months old and she passed away about 5 minute after surgery. The vet didn’t know what could have went wrong and said this was very uncommon. I of course was devastated but what I found out next was even more devastating. Staci didn’t disclose to me or any other families who purchased a puppy from her that the father of the litter Abel dropped dead at only 18 months old due to a severe heart condition and the mother Sierra also was found to have a heart murmur/condition. When I confronted Staci at EuroStar about this she admitted to the health conditions in email that I still have today. She said the puppies were “ fine” even though the parents were both very unhealthy. When I contacted my vet they said that this explains why my puppy cardiac arrested at such a young age during a simple procedure considering the health conditions of both parents. Staci kept my $1000 she charged me for the puppy and didn’t care she lied to me and everyone else. Stay away from her and her dogs she is bad news and has caused heart ache to a lot of families including myself who have lost their pets at such a young age due to her ignorance.

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