Evita Bejosano Enriquez

Country United States
State Alabama
City North Hills
Address 16100 Londelius Street
Website https://totalcareservicesincorporated.com/

Evita Bejosano Enriquez Reviews

  • Aug 6, 2021


A philippina old woman, by the name of evita bejosano enriquez aka evita enriques aka beth enriquez, currently residing at:

16100 londelius

North hills, ca. 91343

Is a child predatorn, elderly care services scammer, thief, con artist, and criminal.

Evita bejosano enriquez aka evita enriquez aka beth enriquez is a truly malicious, dishonest and in fact shrewd, evil woman with a very bad michael jackson nose job, who scams insurance companies with rolex watch false claims, steals money and commits other financial fraud against the elderly people that she and her team of other scamming "caregivers" go to work for in their homes, shoplifts in various stores Yet likes to falsely allege that everyone else is a "thief"), commits cons to make money in order to support her plastic surgery addiction Bad plastic surgery, which from her photo, anyone can tell is botched) and life of luxury items and products.

Evita bejosano enriquez owns an elderly home care business called: total care services in north hills, california.

The current address listed is her actual home address:

16100 londelius street

North hills, ca. 91343

Her shady little scamming business: total care services is an llc that fronts for her many illegal operations such as financial abuse against the elderly, blue collar crimes, white collar crimes, street drug sales, international fraud between the u.S. And philippines, and even child sex slavery operations.

When evita bejosano enriquez aka beth enriquez aka evita enriquez operates her shady business: total care services and sends out any of the mentally unstable "caregivers" from her network of philippina and philippino contacts, those alleged caregivers go into the homes of elderly people and commit crimes on the orders of evita bejosano enriquez aka evita enriquez.

They commit crimes ranging from stealing small to larger valuables, stealing financial records, stealing personal identity documents of the elderly and using the documents to pilfer, take, embezzle money and other life savings of the drugged elderly.

No one really suspects these phony saccharine "sweet" "caregivers" Although philippine people are the some of the worst manipulators and fraud criminals ever.

And evita enriquez uses her terrible little business to steal from, embezzle from, and ruin the elderly and disabled and other vulnerable popoulation, at large.

Be extremely wary, of evita bejosano enriquez aka evita enriquez, as she is entirely manipulative, fake, phony, terrible dishonest, a criminal, and worst of all, a child predator.

In 2015 through 2021 evita bejosano enriquez committed nineteen acts of lewd conduct upon 5 minor children ranging from ages 2 to 5 years old, for her own repulsive sexual gratification.

Evita enriquez also involved 8 other minor children, ranging from ages 9 to 11, in a child sex trafficking ring, with her son-in-law and her daughter, for profit.

Evita enriquez aka evita bejosano enriquez aka total care services is a rotten, evil old woman who stops at nothing to gain personal profit.

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