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  • Apr 11, 2015

Last week I was contacted by a local company that sells all kinds of satellite internet and TV services. I usually don't pay much attention to these kinds of calls but this guy had all the right answers and I bit. He told me that the Wild Blue system was so fast it would put my centurylink system to shame.

The install guy showed up and although I should have seen all the red flags I didn't. He installed a pole in the middle of my yard and ran about 120 feet of cable to my house. He himself had a lot of difficulty getting it set up. He left and I started using the new system. It was awful. Super slow and it kept hanging up. I told the sales guy that I work from home and it is supremely important that my internet service works well and that I don't run out of internet. He assured me that Wild Blue in unlimited.

The next morning I called to cancel and they told me that as soon as the system is connected they are out of the game and I had to call Exede directly, which I did. What an excercise in futility. They were rude and actually laughed at me when I told them what had happened. I called back several times and each one of them was rude and just told me that it would cost $360 to disconnect. ($15 per month for two years) They were completely uninterested by the fact that the system had only been on for hours and that I was sold one thing and received another.

So now I can't do anything but pay the money they want or have my credit negatively afffected if I don't pay.

Exede is a total scam and I strongly reccomend that no one else gets scammed like I did.

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