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Country United States
State Chile
City New York
Address 405 Lexington Avenue
Website www.exquisitemanagement.com/

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  • Jul 25, 2014

I'm surprised that this place has operated on a scam for so long. I prevented a scam from these people, or person (Tony Banks could be Laura M.,Michelle H., and Dayton Designz all by himself) However,this operation is a huge scam, and aspiring models must BEWARE and not send your money so willingly and do THOROUGH RESEARCH!!!!Unless, you don't care about the $200 you'll never see again.

I seen an ad stating that they needed new models for current and future bookings because all of their models were booked for the next few months. They were in a RUSH, and didn't want "All this money to be floating around." Anyhow, I emailed Michelle Hall a few basic photos and my interest in being in a video. She responded with a lengthy and "professional sounding" email stating that she loved my exotic look and that I would be great to the company. She then told me to check out the website and call or email Tony Banks as soon as possible. I did so, and made the call that Friday afternoon.I left a message after hearing a "professional" greeting of what sounded like a young lady's voice, and thought this place was legit.

A few hours later, I got a call from a NY number that had all the same numbers of the # I called earlier, except for the last digit. I don't know anyone else in NY,and assumed it was Tony Banks calling me from another phone(2 phones under 1 contract plan). I picked up and the male asked if I called him. I said yes, and asked if he was Tony Banks. He said No and never heard of him,and didn't know what I was talking about. Strike 1.

On Sunday, I got a missed call from Tony Banks.I called back around 10am and he said he's been calling me since Friday. Which was untrue. Strike 2. Yet we con't the convo, he talked about the business, the various tv shows and commercial auditions they had coming up just no models at all to go to them, and wanted me to be apart of the team so badly. Especially since I lived in Atlanta, and there were numerous openings for bookings down here. He told me that some ppl from LA were just in ATL and looking for dancers. They already seen my pictures and really wanted me to travel with them But before he could tell me more, I had to read my contract that his assistant Laura Marlowe was supposed to have sent me.

In the next few mins. I received the lengthy contract, and called him back. I didn't have the unrealistic 1,000 premade comp cards to send to him overnight so I had to come up with $200 for a website that the busy guy from Dayton Designz agreed to do(otherwise it had to wait til next year. But Mr. Tony Banks was rooting for me) Just so happens that they didn't do paypal, and their server or something was down(mind you this is in early Aug. I guess its still down, because other new victims are saying the same) So I had to go to a Walmart and do a moneygram???

I didn't have all the money and so I didn't go to Walmart. Meanwhile, I added him on fb. His page is basic. No models are tagged. His face isn't shown, and for them to be this exclusive manag. business, they had no worthy comments on his timeline. He called me back twice Sunday evening. I stated I didn't have the money, and he said just come up with $100 and pay the rest at the end of the week. But to hurry and get to Walmart to send off the moneygram so the Dayton D guy can complete my portfolio.I decided that I'll wait until the morning. I was conflicted because why is he rushing me on a Sunday evening? I contacted him that Friday, but now its a sense of urgency.He wants me so bad, but I haven't met anyone in person through a casting call, so he doesn't even know if Im some overweight, unattractive pimpled face bimbo with no experience or etiquette. I contacted some of my serious model friends and they never heard of this group.

Monday,I checked out the website again, tried to find a active twitter page, as well as find the models on the website through twitter, facebook, modelmayhem, anywhere...so I can really see if this place is legit before I sent my money. And that was strike 3. Because out of all the models only one was repping this company. She had a video on wshh, but that is not good enough. There were only 12 models on the website, and each profile only had the measurements. So where was my picture going? I was going to be the 13th, with her only page? And so far, they only had 12 models?

I'm pretty sure more women were sending in money...And every other link on these profiles were underconstruction. With $200, I expect more. The links on top of the page are unclickable, so they are there for decoration. There are no footage of any of the models working. The links with "8%" of their clients only leads to that company's website(anyone can attach a link)But also with the comp cards, it didnt make sensee for me to send 1,000 comp cards a month(especially the ones he wanted sent through postal service overnight on a Sunday). For my info of previous management would be on there, or my actual contact info was gonna be on there printed. NOT EXQUISITE MANAGEMENT. And my final thought was,who are you guys?

I didn't send the money. Tony Banks called twice and left a voicemail stating that he found other Atl models and he wasn't interested in me. Fine with me.

It wasn't until the next morning, I received an extremely unprofessional and disrespectful email from Michelle Hall stating I was blacklisted and that in all her 20 years she never seen such a thing and wished me luck on life. I emailed her back confused. I did nothing wrong. And she replied with another nasty email eventually stating that if I wanted to get back right to call Tony. I then wrote her a very snappy email to let her know that they were running a scam, pointed out all the stuff that I addressed in this report, and for them to never contact me again or I will get my lawyer involved. The emails stopped. I checked back a week later on the website, and they took my complaints and "improved" their scam.

Now they have more than 12 girls. I think it's about 4/5 pages of models. Pictures ranging from extremely professional to not quite there-so it can appease any girl who's interested in working with them and think that they may just have a chance with prospering with this agency. All but one profile has majority of their links unclickable and underconstruction, however. There's no telling what they are telling these women(if they didn't just steal the pictures themselves). The only model with a flashy webpage worth getting excited about is the wshh chic. They prob do manage a few models, but to take this place seriously or think you have a chance forget about it.

Just research, beautiful ppl, and make sure the company that you are seeking out is legit and hold casting calls. And they don't ask for money!!! Especially that large amount. Even casting calls are scammish. But Exquisite Management has it too easy. They are "Exquisite" and have a VERY LARGE clientele...there is NO "thirst" in the lane that they're running in. If you're still interested,take your time deciding, and see how pressed they are. Then again, if they read this, they may take some of my advice to you and switch it up. It's up to you.

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