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  • May 2, 2014

I need advisment on what to do about my nightmarish situation with Extra Space Storage. PLEASE, SOMEONE HELP!!!

I had lost my job and decided to move in with a family member in February of 2013. I packed up everything I did own and had it moved to a unit at Extra Space Storage, in Dallas, TX. They were wonderful when I moved my belongings in, but were never cooperative about anything after.

I found Extra Space Storage online. I called their toll free number, a CSR told me about a $10 special and advised me to rent a particular sized unit. I agreed and proceeded with the transaction. The day before I was to move in to the unit, I visited the facility to see where the unit was located inside of the building. I discovered the space that was reccommended was too small and decided to rent a larger unit. I was charged an additional $20, but was told the next month would be free. The on-site manager helped me with everything that was necessary. Then, I had my belongings delivered the following day.

After moving in with a family member, in another state, I returned to Dallas to take care of some personal business. While there, I went by my unit to collect a few things and make sure that everything was secure, only to discover that I had been denied access. My visit was with-in the two month period that the rent was paid. I went to the on-site office and spoke with the same manager that had previously assisted me. He said that I had been ""locked-out"" because I was late on my rent and owed $200+ in rent and fees. He had no recollection of the terms he had quoted me, initially. I pleaded with him because I had driven 600 miles to allow me access and I offered to pay $140, all that I could at the time, even though I technically owed nothing. He would not acccept a partial payment.

I called Extra Space customer service and requested to speak to a manager. I was told one would contact me within 48 hours. This started in the first part of April and no one contacted me until the last part of May. I called numerous times during this period and the amount I owed kept sky-rocketing. On one of my later calls, a CSR told me that a lein had been placed on the contents of my unit and that a date was set for it to be auctioned. I kept begging to talk to a manager and was told that texts had been sent for one to call. I informed the CSR that I had been told that on eleven different occaisions and had never received a call from anyone. She researched this and promised that I would hear from a manager within 24 hours.

An important note: Each time I called I was asked to confirm my address. I would state my current address and was told that was not the one on file. I would provide my old address, then clearly inform them of my new address. My address was never updated.

Finaly, at the end of May, a manager did call me. She informed me that I, now, owed $485, and it had to be paid by June 7, in order for my belongings not to be auctioned off. I begged her to assist me in making a payment plan, as I was still without a job and trying to survive off of very meager unemployment benefits. The only option I was given was that a portion of my late fees would be waived. if I vacated the unit within 72 hours. That was impossible as I was 600 miles away. somehow I scrapped together the $485 and mad the payment one day prior to loosing everything.

After making the $485 payment on June 6, I fell behind, again. I made the following payment on July 31, for $384.91. I had, then, returned to Dallas and made that payment in person. The manager who I spoke with in June had updated my address, which now was no longer current and I provided a new address to the on-site manager who never bothered to update it.

I had taken a new job in August and had very little money to live on until the end of September as I transitioned from unemployment to salary. I made the next payment on October 11 for $380. I explicitly told the on-site manager that I wanted to bring my account current. That was a Friday. I, also, told the manager that I would need to have access that evening as I had to return to work. He told me that I had access then, when he processed my payment and that my code for the door was working. I came back later that evening, only to find my code did not work. I returned the following evening and my code still did not work. Monday, I went back while the office was open. He apologized and said their ""system was down."" I, finally, got in to get some of my clothing. Tuesday, I returned and placed other clothing in the unit, as I was staying with a freind and had limited space. Thursday, the weather had turned cold and I went to my unit to retrieve a coat, only to find that I had no access.

I called the after hours toll-free number on the door. The CSR told me that I was denied access because I was late and that I owed another $200+. I asked how that could be as I had brought my account current only six days, earlier, paying $380. She said that my account was current the day that I made the payment on October 11. But, a payment for $125 was due the following day, October 12. I was, and still am, livid! I had, expressly, told the on-site manager that I wanted to bring my account current and he made no mention of a payment being due in 9 hours, or the subsequent late fees. I demanded to speak to another regional manager. Again, I was promised that one would be in touch withiin 72 hours. And again, I heard from no one.

I had faith that my account was regarded as ""in-dispute"" with Extra Space, as I continually called their customer service line. Each time I made it very clear that I was not going to be making a payment until I spoke with a regional manager and I called, at minimum, of twice a week. Still, no contact was made by Extra Space to me. this coninued through the holidays.

Finally, I rented an apartment the first of January and conceded that I would pay all of their exorbtant late fees and charges and all the back rent. I called the on-site manager to get the balance. He said that my unit and all of its contents were auctioned off the previous day, adding we tried to call you. BULL!!!!!

Angry, I called the customer service number. Again, having to confirm my old address, as no one had bothered to update it the 50 other times I had previously called. I did speak with a very rude supervisor who said ""We mailed you noticed that you were up for auction. And, reviewing your account you were, always, behind anyway."" I told him that NO ONE EVER bothered to update my account, thus no notice was ever recieved. He said it was my obligation to provide them with a current address. I ask how I could have been any clearer about it, each time I called. No response. I demanded , once more, to speak with a regional manager. The next day she called and said , ""You were behind and we sold your stuff.""

How is this legal? I provided them with my correct address with each call I made. No one took note of this. Each time I called no onne shared that I was on the auction block. NO ONE AT EXTRA SPACE STORAGE DID ANYTHING BUT ROB ME OF EVERYTHING I OWNED, TOTALING OVER $40,000!!!

HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Apr 2, 2014

Last June, 2013 I rented a storage unit from Extra Space Storage located in Milford, Ct. I made regular payments until November, 2013 when I became very ill and had to be in the hospital. I have documentation of this from the hospital and my doctor. After being discharge from the hospital I made a payment to E.S.S. on December 11, 2013, and told them of my condition. I made another payment on January 4, 2014. I will be the first one to admit that I did not make payment on February 7, 2014 and March 7th. Being out of work for that length put me behind. Last week, on March 25 th I received a check, from Extra Space Storage Coporate office for $275.00 for my unit that was sold at auction on March 20, 2014.

After receiving this check I immediately called and was not given any assistance. They told me they sent out a certified letter on February 11th but it was returned undeliverable. I never received or signed for a certified letter. The post office in Monroe did not leave a card stating I had Certified letter waiting for me and I called the post office and they had no record of this letter. I have spoken to the district manager and when I told him about my situation he told me he would call the person who bought my unit. He called the next day and told me everything including my personal belongings, pictures of my children, family photos were sold by the person who bought the unit. This whole situation is devastating. My whole life was in that unit. Why would a person who didn't care for their things make a payment in January? I did some looking into on the internet about this company, and it am not the only one this has happened too. My unit contained many antiques and valuables in addition to my personal belongings.

I have spoken to manager, district manager, and Coporate office and everyone has a different story without any similarities. Please look into this company, there were stories on the Better Business of Connecticut of people losing entire units the night before moving out their items, rates increasing without notice and the list goes on. I am a teacher with the Town of Trumbull for the last 26 years. I have a strong reputation and know I have been wronged. I am amazed that no one has sued this company over their practices. I have to tell you I am going to pursue legal action. My biggest issue with this is that I was not informed of this auction so I could have stopped it. I could have asked a family member to help me out. I was given no warning.

My furniture, antiques, and other items mean nothing to me, but my pictures of my kids and family, the ABC embroidered picture my mom made, my daughter and son's baby items mean the world to me!

I am not wasting anyone's time with this complaint. They are bad people who are ripping off the innocent. Please help me stop them from during this to someone else.


Monroe, CT.

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