EZ Small Claims

Country United States
State California
City San Diego
Address 8880 Rio San Diego Drive
Phone (760) 818-0030
Website https://www.ezsmallclaim.com/

EZ Small Claims Reviews

  • May 1, 2015

These people really are cons and take your money, the above post is actually true no joke I dont believe for one minute that is was the other company i am sure it someone they rip off. I placed an order with these guys in janurary it now April and they still didnt get it done! After excuse after excuse by george and there staff they never got the job done. I demanded my money back they dont answer the phone, dont return emails or do the job. I called another ez small claims from Ontario as I thought this was this office because I saw their ad online well the sweet girl who answer god bless her I was upset and screaming at her and after I torn her head off, she told me they are not the same company or are affiliated by any means. The EZ I called by mistake is out of Ontario CA not Carlsbad CA. The comapny in carlsbad took my $300 bucks plus another $75 and never filed the paperwork for me. They even locked me out of my online case information online on there website www.ezsmallclaim.com to access all my past account information because they dont want to give me my money back.

These people really rip you off and I am an actual customer that they helped well not helped but took my money but never filed my paperwork. I have the proof if anyone wants to see it email me!

They have a warning fake reviews on there page "claiming" that the company in Ontario is making fake reviews about them its not them sadly its real people real customer thet promise to help take your money and never do the work. I hope this place gets sued because I will be on board in a heartbeat with it. Now the two websites you can get confused very easy as the logo is almost the same but if its not a 909 number and doesnt have the court house with the blue sky and the picture of the cute blonde its not them. Dont get fooled or con by these crooks.

these frauds in SanDiego/carlsbad are thiefs and everything bad about them is true. Run do not use them in less you willing to waste money and throw it away!

The company in Ontario the real EZ small claims ( with an S's after claims) are who you want to deal with not these rip off place. Please dont let these idoits take your money Go elsewhere even if its not the EZ small claims in Ontario Just dont use this crooks.

I am still seeking my money back from these scam artist. Dont get confused and dont use the wrong company.

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