EZ Towing

Country United States
State Central African Republic
City Jersey City
Address 660 Grand St
Phone (201) 963-8260

EZ Towing Reviews

  • Nov 5, 2014

On 11-3-14 my car was towed from my street for being within 10 ft of a fire hydrant. When I arrived at the tow yard on 11-3-14 my car was delivered to me with the drivers side door hanging off anf the door unable to close. I was advised by a former employee who was on the premises working under the hood if a random car that it is typical for the towing company to break into a car to ensure the emergency brake is not engaged but whom ever pryed the door open mistakenly broke the door making it impossible to drive. The worker who delivered the car to me advised that I should speak with Vincent (supervisor) in the AM and he would ensure that the repairs were taken care of. The employee rushed off and left me standing in the yard with the former employee who felt bad and called Vincent from his mobile phone. He explained what he witnessed and offered to remove the broken henge to allow the door to close until it could be repaired.

Vincent instructed him to proceed and to allow me to leave the car and the key behind to be repaired in the AM (11-4-14). Today I called to follow up on when the repairs would be complete and was advised by Vincent that he changed his mind and my car would not be repaired. He blamed the damaged on the NJ Parking Authority and said he paper work to prove it. When I arrived on the scene with the police to retreive the paper work Vincent was nowhere to be found. I was greeted by another non employee guys(probably works under the table) who said the paperwork was locked in the office. The police officer told the guy he needed to get his supervisor on the phone when he did Vincent refused to return to the tow yard to produce the paperwork. Today I am left with a damaged car and a broken promise. Google this company on Yelp 2 Stars and they have a history of breaking into cars and damaging them. They were fined 86,000 in 2011 for Violating the Predatory Towing. They have had 3 BBB complains in the last 12 months that they failed to respond to. This company has POOR BUSINESS PRACTICES AND SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!!!

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