Fast Furniture & Repair Inc

Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Ellenton
Address 1202 Gary Ave
Phone 941-753-6972

Fast Furniture & Repair Inc Reviews

  • Sep 30, 2014

They left me and my granddaughter and wife hungry, and stold from the city of ellington fl

This Company persused me to come work for them then they went back on their word. I took my chance and my last pennie to go to FL from TN. After showing up and working I still have'nt seen my pay. Not to mention they cut off my hotel they were supposed to pay for for a week. I was there 2 days! I basically was left stranded, all i please is ask you god if this was right they left me and my grandaughter and wife hungery fior there proffet, they stoled from there customers and laugh,about it and said fl, is not going to do shit we will just leave and laughft out lougd. they are evil protect your famil,y please god bless you all.

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