Fast PC Solutions, LLC

Country United States
State Djibouti
City Sandy
Address 9460 S Union Sq Ste 102
Phone (888) 524-6019

Fast PC Solutions, LLC Reviews

  • Feb 12, 2015

This Company was quite the scam/ and a lot of other words I would use if I could!!! They ripped me off for 200.00 bucks, I talked to the company that took them over and they wanted to sell me the same thing, their number shows up under the same name, its call IC internalional, according to the fellow I talked with Fast PC accounts was taken over by them and because fast pc ripped people off they were offering them a service through them their # is 855-768-1031, they are offering to take over your account, instead of the 200.00 that they charge their new customers it would only be 50. bucks and 20. bucks a month there after, its kinda funny the fellow I talked to sounded a lot like one that I talked to there before!! How ever Fast PC Solutions was selling their service for downloading free programs that you can down load your self. and their service to run a scan (that you can do yourself, and they would monitor your computer) bunch of ******** they never ran any scans, at the last they told me I need to run the cleaner once every month or so. What the heck was their service then, to go to the Bahams on your money

Please if anyone starts a class action law suit against them or is interested please get in touch with me!!!

  • Jul 26, 2014

Scam artists charging elderly people $500.00 to do simple tasks with free downloadable tools. ADW, MalwareByte, CCleaner.

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