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Fast Tax Services Reviews

  • Apr 29, 2014

Fast Tax tried to charge me 259 bucks for an individual return which is twice as much as the guy down the street for the same job. Under durressI allowed this company to charge my card for half or 129 dollars. I made a mistake I know. At the time I was beside myself with frustration. Billy insisted I sign the authorization to efile. I refused. I also never signed the terms of service...the reason at the time was simply that I was not offered to check the work. So instead I asked for all the forms to be prepared for US post instead of efiling, Billy refused. I guess he did not wish me to check the work.

I took my work to AAA Tax Services in Buena Park. They quoted me 120 bucks for the same job. Tax deadline has come and gone and I am still waiting on my refund of 129 bucks. I was forced to do my taxes myself this year and I found mistakes made by Billy.

Also the year before I was told by FastTax that I did not make enough money and should not file. After this last experience I thought I would file 2012 also. I found my family is due 742 bucks from Uncle Sam. I felt stupid for trusting them.

From now on I will be doing my taxes myself. Still waiting for my refund from these crooks.

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