Fast Track Auction

Country United States
State Colombia
City Cincinnati
Address 4000A McMann Road , OH 45245
Phone (513) 771-1700

Fast Track Auction Reviews

  • Oct 30, 2014

Fast Track Auction is an extreme buyer beware business. They post online auctions in which they only post a stock picture of the item most of the time. Even if the item says "new", that doesn't mean there is nothing wrong with it so don't believe them when they say "new". The Sharonville location is fairly good about representing their items accurately but the McMann location is absolutely terrible.

You can only 'view' the items during VERY limited times.

You can only pick up during VERY limited times and if you miss a pick up they may or may not answer your email. They may or may not let you pick up the item. If they let you pick up the item they WILL give you a hard time when you arrive to pick up.

When you go pick up at the McMann road location, the people there are rude and miserable acting. You cannot find things because their system for warehousing is terrible. They basically treat everyone like criminals now because they had items stolen, because THEY are so bad at doing their jobs.

In effect, you may (or may not) get a good deal but you will spend a lot of time to do so and likely will have much frustration and be treated poorly. This is NOT a customer friendly business.

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