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State Bangladesh
City Hollywood
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  • Feb 5, 2015

I got a call one day saying that i was approved for a 5000 dollar loan.....but i only needed 2500 at the soon as i heard the accent i put my guards not long enough the foreigner gets me approved through his false computer. system....n tells me tha by this being an unsecured loan i would have to make the first months payment which was 190$ it sounded kinda reasonable...until i found about the loan he tells me to go to walmart and make that deposit on his card.....which i didn't know was a greendot i load the funds ontp his thing i know he talking bout a 310$ state to state i didn't have all the funds for the so called state to state fee we arguing about this fee that was never mentioned in the my mind I'm like I'm in it now i might as well pay that lil 310....but i didn't have all f the funds right then...sp he told me to send 120$ dollars n he was gone see if he could get his so called loan manager to process the wire tranfer into my like 10 min later he calls me back saying the process didn't go through he needs the full I'm pissed now....but i done dug a little bit deeper so ainy no turning around i get a loan and call him back with the rest of the money.....guess whay this dude say....uuuhhhh it wasn't able to complete the process because his finance company need the payment in the full amount...which was blood is boiling now.....but I'm in way too deep now so i said forget another 500$ loan n paid the whole 310$ in one wop....guess what he tell me???? something about a cetyain place was closed...i can barley understand them anyway......i can't do nothing at this point but be mad as he said he was going to wire the money to my account and it would be there @10 in the i call him around 1030...busy hr call me back like an hour later off of a different phone...saying that one of those green dot transactions didn't go thru....

  • Jul 4, 2014

I went on line to get a loan.I got a call back from was told I was approved for $1500. I then got another call and was told I needed to send $250 because of my credit in 2 payments.After I waited for 2or3 hours I called back and was told that I had to pay half o n the Money Gram Fee of $250 so I sent $125 at 5pm on Dec 12,2013. I have'nt heard from them sense then.I have called all day and they would pick up the phone and hang it up.

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