Country United States
State American Samoa
City Bullhead
Address 1131 hwy 95
Phone 9287541017

Fastrip Reviews

  • Apr 11, 2014

We rent a jetski from Najib for the whole day and before we leave his store we go through the usual checks to make sure there are no dents, scratches or anything wrong with the jetskis. He had his employee take a video of the rental before we left for the docks. As we were about to start the jetski, it wouldnt start. So we had to exchange it for another one. When the second jetski came out, my husband went thru a shortened version of the inspection, but my husband saw a scratch and the employee, Donny, noted a 2"" scratch on the side. He also took another video of the rental. When we returned the jetski, Najib tells us that theres a scratch on the jetski. In the same spot as the 2""notation in the inspection. When we were shown the video, the sun's glare was right on the said scratch making it hard to see clearly. The video could not be zoomed in. Owner said that he can send to the lab to get processed and he will charge us for it. In the end we had to pay an extra $50 for thescratch that we didnt make. Additional info: the jetski was only docked 2x in the time that we were using it. Owner claims that the scratch came from docking. However on those times the rental was docked, the scratch wouldve been on the right hand side, not on the left where he found the scratch.

I would not rent from this place ever again!

P.S. If he's charging a fee from people who scratched the jetskis, why were the scratches still on the jetskis when we rented it?

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