Fat Tire Cruisers

Country United States
State Arizona
City Maricopa
Address 44228 W. Mcclelland Drive
Phone 480-8081543
Website https://www.fattirecruisers.com

Fat Tire Cruisers Reviews

  • May 1, 2015

This jerk Jeff Mehl, **** Maricopa, Arizona zip code: 85138

is selling garbage bicycles accross america. He refused to make his product as it was advertised, and we got ripped of by him for the entire amount. When my wife tried to talk some sense into the idiot, he threatened her. Im gonna punch in his face if I see him. We threw his junk into the trash, and have nothing for our time and money.

fattirecruisers.com is a garbage company, don't do business with this POS.

Buyer Beware!

Here is the coward's phone number, in case someone wants to let him know his face is going to get punched in.

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