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Father and Son Movers Reviews

  • Aug 5, 2014

I hired this mover based on a recommendation from a realtor. Big mistake on my part. I should have done my homework. The owner of the company promised to complete the move in 2 days using two trucks and 4 men. In fact, he did not even inspedct the job. He simply said that it had never taken him more thanb 2 days to move a residence and coming out to inspect the job was a waste of time. The cost was $190/hour if paid in cash and $198/hour if paid by check.

At the end of two days, the move was not completed. At the end of day 2, without warning, the owner told me he had other work to do and would not be back for a day and a half! He gave no advance notice. He just left.

He returned two days later. He insisted that I pay him for the work done to date (about $4000) IN CASH and also give him $1000 CASH advance against completion of the work. When I pointed out that the contract said payment could be made via check, and there was no way that I was going to pay him in advance, he walked off the job, leaving the work unfinished.

Subsequently, I filed a complaint with the California PUC. Since I hadn't paid the mover yet, there wasn't anything the PUC could do, although the agent tried to mediate. The mover has now offered to take my check - surprise! He also required that I erase any negative reviews posted on the Internet and cancel the PUC claim.

I counter-offered stating that I would pay his bill less what I had to pay the two movers that I hired to replace his company. He has not responded to that offer. Apparently, he told the PUC agent that he was going to turn the matter over to a bill collector, but I haven't heard anything to that effect. I expect that the matter will wind up in court.

There were other negatives about this mover. Before I hired him, I told him that one of the things I insisted on was that he install the washer, dryer and refrigerator that he would move from the old location. He said "no problem, we do that all the time." However, that was not done. When I asked him about it, he said "We don't do that." When I reminded him that he had agreed to do that, he said that he would do it, but he never did.

I also think that he and his crew were intentionally slow in order to run up the bill. It took 4 men 20 minutes to move an armoire up a flight of stairs. The mover I hired to replace Father and Son moved a similar-size piece up those stairs in 2 minutes with 2 men.

The items that were moved were left in the new house haphazardly. There was no sense of organization or neatness. I've moved several times in the past dozen years and have never experienced such sloppy work.

In suumary, anyone planning a move in California should first check out the advice provided free of charge by the California PUC. It includes information on what should be in your contract and elucidates the requirements for movers in California. If I had read that informatio and heeded its advice, I would have saved myself and my wife a ton of grief.

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